A Scratch-Less Disc is  "The World's Safest Optical Disc" (CD DVD Etc.) offering more reliability and damage protection than any other disc being made or sold. We all know that the one major problem with regular CDs and DVDs is that they get scratched very easily. Once they do get scratched, they skip, studder and even stop working all together. The new Scratch-Less Disc can and does avoid the damage that causes normal discs to malfunction.
        To achieve this level of protection, we added 20 small bumps to the bottom surface of a disc to raise it off the tabletop or any hard storage surface. Simply by adding these "Aero Bumps" we prevent the disc's data surface from touching the hard surface and becoming scratched.
        We also coat the disc surface with a scratch resistant polymer to help with scratch prevention. The surface becomes harder, more like glass than plastic. This is our "Safety Shield". Our combined innovations result in the world's most reliable and safest optical discs.
To learn more about the above features and other innovations that have been applied to the Scratch-Less Disc, please click the corresponding logo below.
The Disc With The Bumps!
The Virtually Scratch-Proof CD or DVD
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