Dongfeng Company achieved the "14th Five -Year" high -quality start

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  1. The oriental wind was full of spring, and the science and technology jumped at the time. On December 27, Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongfeng Company") was held in Wuhan in 2022. Data show that Dongfeng is expected to sell about 3.3 million vehicles in the year, and the terminal delivery is about 3.4 million units, which is basically the same year -on -year. Among them, the sales of independent passenger cars throughout the year were 525,000 units, an increase of 27%year -on -year; new energy vehicles were sold for 192,000 units, a year -on -year increase of 2.4 times, ranking fourth in the industry; overseas exports hit a high of 144,000 units, a year -on -year increase of growth, year -on -year increase 1.4 times. The sales volume and export volume of autonomous passenger cars, new energy vehicles, and exports are all winning the market. The overall operation is steadily improved. In the war test, high -quality development answers are surrendered to promote the "14th Five -Year Plan" of Dongfeng to achieve a good start.

    The business of "up" to the wind and "up" rushing to the new height
    At the new coordinates of the development of the "14th Five -Year Plan", the new starting point of the great cause of the revival, and the stronger, stronger How can Dongfeng's independent career began to start in 2021?
    "Excellent technology enterprises that provide users with high -quality automobile products and services", strategically promote the "Oriental Wind Qi" plan, and build the "one master, two wings" business pattern. "Zhu Yanfeng, chairman of Dongfeng Company and secretary of the party committee, It is said that the "one master" is the vehicle business, and the "two wings" are the technology sector and service ecology. Dongfeng also set 3 "one million" targets. By 2025, the sales of commercial vehicles, independent passenger cars and new energy vehicles will reach 1 million.
    The Dongfeng released 3 "one million" target
    is clear to the direction of the route so that it can be stable and far away. Over the past year, under the leadership of the "Oriental Wind" plan, Dongfeng has continuously strengthened the differentiated advantages of independent passenger cars, and the focus of the created Lan Tu, Dongfengfeng God, and high -end electric off -road brands have ushered in a breakthrough.
    Lantu car positioned as "zero anxiety high -end intelligent new energy leading brand". Since its first model Lan Tu FREE was launched on August 8, it has maintained a month -on -month growth trend. It is about to exceed 7,000 vehicles. The second model Lan Tu Dreamman has continued to rise since he appeared at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November. In 2021, Lan Tu was tested by the first battle of the market. The brand went up and took a key step.
    Amu Free and Lan Tu Dreaming
    At the same time, the construction of high -end electric off -road M brands accelerates. In 2021, the new high -end brand M business of "high -end electric off -road culture leaders" was launched. Product research and development and industrialization have been fully launched and will be released in the first half of 2022. The new M business will work with Lantu Automobile to promote the Dongfeng's independent passenger car business on the new energy and intelligent network track.
    The main force of Dongfeng's independent passenger car, in 2021, Dongfeng God can be described as a victory. With the listing of Dongfeng Fengshen Max and AX7 Mach, the younger layout is accelerating. On November 22, Dongfengfeng God's annual 100,000 new vehicles went offline from Dongfeng Passenger Car Company's factory. Data show that Dongfeng passenger car company has sold more than 10,000 consecutive months, with a cumulative sales of 120,000 units, an increase of 71%year -on -year, and running a big market.
    The Dongfeng Fengshen exhibited at the Technology Week
    In the field of commercial vehicles, the market share of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., the market share of the national six products, achieved a sales volume of 177,000 units; The sales volume was 182,000 units, a year -on -year increase of 5.4%; Dongfeng Liuqi Commercial Vehicles achieved sales of 78,000 units; Dongfeng special businessmen realized sales of 28,000 units, an increase of 5.9%year -on -year; Growing 19.4%...
    The merchants are the epitome of Dongfeng's independent career. At the same time, Dongfeng seized export opportunities, and overseas markets were also emerging, achieving sales of 144,000 units, an increase of 1.4 times year -on -year.
    On December 20, 200 Dongfeng Fengshen Yixuan and AX7 exported to Saudi Arabia, expeditions overseas. Dongfeng Yijate launched a pure tram model to the European market, becoming a dark horse exporting to China Pure Electric Passenger Vehicles. In September 2021, he reached the top of the National Pure Electric Passenger Vehicle Export Champion.
    While making breakthroughs in the entire vehicle, the development of independent brand modularization, platformization, and series ofization is being advanced. In the past year, Dongfeng's independent passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles and engine platforms have been accelerated. Among them, the independent passenger vehicle DSMA energy -saving car platform and S1, S2, S3, MORV and other four electrical platforms have been accelerated. In 2024, the full realization of electrification laid the foundation; the commercial vehicle platform covered the four major fields of Zhong heavy card, light card, pickup card, and VAN vehicle to meet the trend of high -end commercial vehicle markets, modularization, and integration of vehicles; independent passenger cars The C15TDR engine and DCT gearbox leading the "Mach" power technology to achieve mass production; commercial vehicles accelerated the development of the "Dragon" power assembly. The DDI16 engine and the first V8 diesel engine were successfully ignited, and the core capabilities of the independent cause further improved.
    "The company's future business layout, vehicle and dynamic assembly layout, technical and resource layout have been completed, and the ability to take the initiative in competition is stronger." Zhu Yanfeng said. At present, Dongfeng's independent brands have accumulated, and the conditions of all aspects of all aspects have been prepared.

    The "entering" technology jumper and then shaping new advantages in the wind
    When the automotive industry encounters the era of wisdom, a profound and extensive change is happening. By innovation -driven, the wind and self -reliance of technology, Dongfeng Company held the "cattle nose" of scientific and technological innovation, occupied the opportunity, and won the advantage. A number of technologies ushered in a new breakthrough.
    On July 7, 2021, IGBT was high -profile, and the first mass -produced car -level IGBT module product in Central China was offline from Zhixin semiconductor module packaging factory. The important practice of self -controlling the core resources of key technology of new energy vehicles is also the first result of the strategic cooperation between Dongfeng and China CRRC. Make up an important part. rn在新能源核心“三电”布局上,东风新能源产业园已建成40万套电控、20万套扁线电机、28万套电驱动总成、10万套电池系统、30 The operating capacity of 10,000 IGBT modules.
    This year, science and technology transition as the "number one project" in the field of science and technology landed in Dongfeng. The innovative engine roar, the self -reliance of science and technology ran out of the acceleration, and the development foundation of new energy vehicles was more solid. In terms of hybrid power, the HD120 hybrid power drive assembly developed by Dongfeng completely independently develops mass production, and key products such as HD150/4HD70 are carried out in an orderly manner. In terms of pure electric, the independently developed ID series electrical drive assembly is used in mass production of models such as Fengshen and Lantu; the next -generation key core technologies such as 800V high -voltage platforms, wireless charging, and solid batteries are deployed. The new power technology E-POWER electric drive system realizes mass production and installation.
    The breakthroughs of hydrogen energy also promoted Dongfeng to continue the development of the "double carbon" main battlefield. At present, Dongfeng has completed the development of 50kW, 80KW, and 120KW fuel cell system, and has developed the first domestic mass -produced full -power fuel cell passenger vehicle Dongfeng "Biao", and the hydrogen fuel commercial vehicle has realized industrial operation.
    The 12 -ton logistics vehicle equipped with an 80kW fuel cell system
    In the TOP30 list of the SAIL Award of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference with the "Internet -connected autonomous driving system for smart travel", in 2021, Dongfeng was in smart driving in smart driving The technological achievements in the field have also been reported frequently.
    In the progressive and leapfrog development route. In 2021, Dongfeng L2 -level autonomous driving technology realized mass production, and took the lead in L4 -level autonomous driving technology in a limited area. Dongfeng Yuexiang's unmanned smart park products are demonstrated in more than 30 cities such as Xiong'an New District and Wuhan Army Mountain New City. More than 100 Robotaxi projects in the Dongfeng Listing Project are operating in open roads, with a cumulative mileage of more than 2 million kilometers. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle L4 driverless collecting card is upgraded by version 3.0, realizing the delivery and operation of batches of commercial vehicles in Xiamen Port, and the pace of intelligent connected automotive industrialization has continued to accelerate.
    It's for development in innovation and increased investment in science and technology, Dongfeng Company spared no effort. During the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, Dongfeng increased its investment in R

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