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    1. The fitness ring adventure Ring Fit Adventure Fast practice, the fitness action is relatively repeated, you need to upgrade the unlocking new action. In general, it is easier to adhere to the strength. Show 200-300 calories for an hour, which is tiring to play and takes more time. 2. Dance power is full of aerobic sports and embarrassing dance entertainment. It is suitable for Switch fitness entry games. There are many songs. It is easier to adhere to a few songs every day. After that, you can get a song consumption of calories, which is basically about 7-15 calories. It consumes about 140-300 calories in an hour. It will not be too tired to play and it is easier to stick to it. 3. Aerobic Boxing 2 Fitness Boxing2 Aerobic Sports Boxing Game, you will enter some physical data before starting. There are virtual coach guidance throughout the process. The sense of rhythm is relatively strong. The completion of the fist accuracy and strength is also suitable for venting emotions. A 300-500 calorie consumption of calories in one hour, the intensity is relatively large if the action is sufficient, suitable for advanced players 4. Zunba fitness zumba_ burn it up! Lipid, the first place in aerobic fitness operation, the repeatability of the movement is relatively high, it is easy to keep up. It consumes 500-700 calories in one hour. The fun is relatively poor. At present, the Russian area is discounted, and the history is 113.

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