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  1. The fire of the movie "Hello Li Huanying" invented the box office of 5 billion yuan. Starring Zhang Xiaofei, overnight, he became a quasi -first -line star from the unknown comedy actor.
    The recently invited Zhang Xiaofei who has been invited to attend major events. There are big -name custom dresses, with millions of jewelry jewelry, and a large number of true love fans to follow. , Completely confirming the famous saying "red qi raising people".
    The people are naturally right, not to mention the entertainment circle of hidden swords and swords. Those who are famous for Zhang Xiaofei and her "love and hatred" of several female stars in the circle have been spread out one by one.
    Zhang Xiaofei, born in Anshan, Liaoning in 1986, is a standard "post -85".
    If parents work in local factories, and their families can only be regarded as ordinary families from an early age.
    The Zhang Xiaofei when she was born, the doctor who was taken off said: "Hands and feet are long, this future must be a tall man."
    is really right, Zhang Xiaofei who went to elementary school, it would be better than Zhang Xiaofei, it would be better than Zhang Xiaofei. The classmates in the class are higher.
    So the parents who opened them sent Zhang Xiaofei to learn dance and planned to cultivate her daughter's artistic cells.
    Zhang Xiaofei, who has learned dance in the Juvenile Palace for several years, has accumulated the taste of dance, and has improved quickly. He is known by the dance teacher as a good seedlings. You must cultivate well.
    Is after hearing the teacher's words, Zhang Xiaofei's parents negotiated and decided to send her to a more professional central government to study dance.
    , when Zhang Xiaofei was 11 years old, her parents sent her to the Dance Department of the Central University for Nationalities of Beijing,
    to stop professional dance learning.
    In younger age, he left home alone to study in other places. This was a very difficult thing for Zhang Xiaofei at the time.
    In half a year, Zhang Xiaofei's mother decided to come to Beijing to read with her daughter.
    Pet daily life with mother care, Zhang Xiaofei put all his minds on dance studies.
    soon, the 4 -year dance life of the Central University for Nationalities was completed.
    15 -year -old Zhang Xiaofei was admitted by the Chinese Armed Police Cultural and Cultural Troupe for excellent dance talents and became a literary worker in military uniforms.
    After coming to the troops literary group, Zhang Xiaofei is no longer just a dancer. In addition to dancing, Zhang Xiaofei was also played on the top stage. The characters present, these are far more interesting and fulfilling than dancing.
    In 2005, Zhang Xiaofei applied for the Beijing Film Academy regardless of his parents' opposition.
    did not expect that Zhang Xiaofei, who became a monk halfway, was successfully admitted by Beiying and became a member of the 05 -level undergraduate. In Beiying that year, he was divided into a class with Zhang Xiaofei, as well as actors Yang Mi, Yuan Shanshan and others.
    In sophomore, Zhang Xiaofei was watched by the director of the anti -Japanese film "The Time of Smoke", playing the role of Lin Xiaotong in it. This film is Zhang Xiaofei's debut. The reason she was selected was due to the positive appearance and seemed to be generous.
    This is very different from the kind of little woman's state of the same classmate Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan.
    After starring in "The Year of the Smoke", Zhang Xiaofei's acting career opened here and officially entered the circle.
    Is the most afraid of actors? The actor is most afraid that he is trapped in the same type of roles, and there is no other break.
    The believers made Zhang Xiaofei in the past few years.
    Due to the two or three years later, most of the script characters received by Zhang Xiaofei are the same decent characters as "Smoke and Years", either soldiers, college students, or rural teachers.
    It look back at Zhang Xiaofei's classmates, Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan. At that time, both of them became popular because of their role as the Qing Palace theme drama. They harvested a large number of audience fans.
    , although there were media exposure at the time, Yuan Shanshan could star in the new drama of director Yu Zheng and became popular. He worshiped Yang Mi, his classmate Yang Mi, and fought for Yuan Shanshan.
    At that time, Zhang Xiaofei at that time was not seen by Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan due to appearance problems, or other reasons.
    , these are not the problem of disturbing Zhang Xiaofei. What really makes her confused is that she wants to break the character bottleneck and should fight a complete different role, but she is struggling to come to the door without a good script.
    , Zhang Xiaofei, who graduated from Beiying, was admitted to the Chinese Broadcasting Art Troupe in that year, and
    Prives to complete my "curve redemption".
    Nowadays, Zhang Xiaofei's resolution was admitted to Zhongyi that year, which was too correct.
    Because she met a good friend and a big nobleman in her career, Jia Ling.
    After entering Zhongyi, Zhang Xiaofei was soon played by Feng Gong at the time of the guidance of Zhongyi at the time because of her solid role.
    everyone knows that Feng Gong is Jia Ling's master, so under the arrangement of Feng Gong, Zhang Xiaofei started to perform with Jia Ling in the group. One or two, two girls of similar ages became good friends.
    The end of 20112, Jia Ling temporarily showed the actor's change for the sketch "Men's N Position" directed by the Beijing Spring Festival Gala. Under Feng Gong's nodding, Jia Ling called Zhang Xiaofei to the rescue field. At that time, Zhang Xiaofei was filming in the field and listened In the next two words, I allowed it to be allowed to return to Beijing overnight, and participated in the rehearsal drill of sketches day after day.
    Later, after the sketch was broadcast, he received a very good response. Zhang Xiaofei's first show was a beautiful victory.
    In the same year, Jia Ling also posted an article on his Weibo. Regarding Zhang Xiaofei, she mentioned that she went to Zhang Xiaofei, who was going to the crew in the crew, and sighed. R n, in addition to distressed friends, I also wrote "Hime Zhang Xiaofei quickly turns big names."
    It can be seen from this time that the friendship between the two is very authentic and sincere. The entertainment circle is rare.
    Irds from Jia Ling's sketch from that rescue field, Zhang Xiaofei seemed to discover the comedy cells hidden in her body. Since she was seeking a business break at that time, she decided to try to gradually transform from film and television actors to comedy actors to comedy actors. Try.
    In 2015, Zhang Xiaofei's partner Feng Gong presented on the stage of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. The sketch "Little Cotton Jacket", which they performed together, was warmly repercroofed.
    In the same year, Zhang Xiaofei joined the variety show "Happy Comedy" with Jia Ling with Jia Ling. In the show, the two collaborated tacitly. The stage works came out from time to time. Fans of the audience.
    In 2016, Jia Ling, who had been mixed in the circle, established his own entertainment brokerage company and large bowl of entertainment.
    and Zhang Xiaofei became Jia Ling's first signing actor.
    Weous reporters interviewed Jia Ling. What was the reason that made her resolutely signed Zhang Xiaofei so resolutely?
    Jia Ling replied without thinking, because Zhang Xiaofei's excellence, she is worth it.
    After signing the big bowl of entertainment, Zhang Xiaofei completely transformed from an actor to a professional "comedian".
    , but this allowed some of the media and netizens at that time to pretend to be an article to compare Zhang Xiaofei with Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan in the same class, Yang Mi and Yuan Shanshan. Go down, then switch to acting.
    In 2018, Zhang Xiaofei and several classmates in Beiying were invited to have a variety show together, including Yuan Shanshan.
    In the show, Yuan Shanshan suddenly leaned with two other men while Zhang Xiaofei was absent, and took the initiative to provoke the topic of "Zhang Xiaofei sleeping and snoring".
    In afterwards, Zhang Xiaofei also cleared himself on Weibo that he did not snore, and did not mention Yuan Shanshan in a low -key manner,
    , Yuan Shanshan himself ran to Zhang Xiaofei's comment area and issued a "green tea" operation again.
    I couldn't, Zhang Xiaofei at the time of the incident had no reputation and fans. Compared with Yuan Shanshan, who had already become popular, she was true at the time. This incident was gone at the time.
    Until Zhang Xiaofei this year, after relying on the movie "Hello Li Huanying", a large number of loyal fans of Zhang Xiaofei ran to Yuan Shanshan's social account and scolded with Yuan Shanshan's fans. A few days later, Yuan Shanshan took the initiative to post, so he would take the initiative to post, so he then made a post. This past three years ago, I solemnly sorry to Zhang Xiaofei. Zhang Xiaofei went back to an appointment with a hot pot and passed the past. The fans of the two sides turned off and closed.
    Here, now, since Yuan Shanshan is mentioned, he has to mention another person who makes Zhang Xiaofei hate, actor Sun Qian.
    Tere actor Sun Qian, who has become popular because of the role of Cui Gengxi in the TV series "Zhen Huan Biography".
    So what happened between Zhang Xiaofei and Sun Qian?
    This starting from a variety show involved in the two in 2018.
    In in the show, Zhang Xiaofei and Sun Qian were assigned to the same group. According to the show's race request, only one person could be upgraded.
    So the moth came out. Because the show was broadcast live, during the rehearsal, the audience could clearly see that Sun Qian had trouble Zhang Xiaofei who was still unknown at the time.
    Sun Qian first stopped the line with Zhang Xiaofei. I looked at the script and looked at themselves. One hour before the start of the competition performance, Sun Qian informed her partner Zhang Xiaofei. She once changed the script. This script is the common script of the two of them, so it means that the rehearsal time left to Zhang Xiaofei lacks an hour.
    Then, when entering the rehearsal process, Sun Qian had all kinds of face and unsuccessful face, and the abandonment of partner Zhang Xiaofei was almost overflowing from the screen.
    In the final competition, Sun Qian's victory was upgraded, and Zhang Xiaofei was eliminated.
    Similarly, like Yuan Shanshan in front, Sun Qian was also settled after the autumn of Zhang Xiaofei fans.
    , the difference is that after Zhang Xiaofei turned red, Sun Qian still did not feel that he had done a loss in the past. He also released DISS Zhang Xiaofei and the movie "Hello Li Huanying" with his agent. Too many plays.
    , but Zhang Xiaofei has not published any comments from beginning to end about what Sun Qian has done, and has taken cold disposal.
    Here, it can only be said that the eyes of the audience and netizens are clear, and the correct party will always get more support.
    Since 2018, Zhang Xiaofei and Jia Ling's partners have collaborated on the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, which has been on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.
    In on the Spring Festival Gala Stage, it is affirmative about any star.
    A as a sketch, there was no doubt that Zhang Xiaofei was a victory at that time.
    , but in her heart, she still lives in the dream of an actor. She hopes that one day she can return to her actor status.
    finally presented this opportunity that Zhang Xiaofei was looking forward to.
    A Jia Ling, in order to take the death of her died mother Li Huanying, directed a sketch in 2016 and specifically told her mother's life.
    The sketch invited Zhang Xiaofei and actor Chen He, including Jia Ling himself.
    After the sketch was broadcast, it was red, and made the audience tears, which was impressive.
    three years later, Jia Ling, who was a big bowl of entertainment boss, got a movie investment of hundreds of millions of yuan, Jia Ling started to shoot this sketch movie version, which is the movie version of "Hello, hello, hello, hello Li Huanying.
    The actor still uses all the actors of the previous ecorrect version. In addition, Jia Ling also invited comedian Shen Teng.
    Zhang Xiaofei plays Li Huanying himself and plays a pair of mother and daughter with Jia Ling.
    During the shooting, there was a shot that Li Huanying returned home with her daughter, which made Zhang Xiaofei, who was very disparate. Jia Ling, a dozen times,
    After shooting, Zhang Xiaofei was found by the staff that her legs were trembling when they were standing.
    , only after a little rest, Zhang Xiaofei, who was dedicated, returned to the shooting, and was afraid that I had delayed the shooting cycle.
    Except for these, Li Huanying, who was young in the movie, was a volleyball master,
    The Zhang Xiaofei who would not play volleyball at that time.
    On Zhang Xiaofei after getting the script, before booting, it took a month for a month.
    It specifically to the central government to stop volleyball exercises. On the day before the official startup, Zhang Xiaofei once became a volleyball entry player. When facing the relevant drama, he played a cooked coincidence and was modeling.
    It said well, the time is always left for those who are prepared.
    In 2021, the movie "Hello Li Huanying" officially landed on the Spring Festival New Year's Eve, becoming a full -scale dark horse, and finally won over 5.3 billion yuan of box office, becoming the second place in the history of Chinese box office.
    For such box office results, I believe that, in addition to the broad audience,
    The main creators such as director Jia Ling, starring Zhang Xiaofei, Shen Teng, etc., will not think of achieving such good results.
    Compared with the other starring actors in the film, Zhang Xiaofei, who was not popular before, became the biggest profitable person. She changed from a comedy actor who was not favored and became a 5 billion box office. Film lead, trusting many female celebrities in the movie and TV circle, can't reach it, and can even say that they can be envious and jealous.
    The Zhang Xiaofei after becoming popular, the seats attended the event, directly changed from the inconspicuous back row to the first row of C position; The international front -line simple and high -end dresses are funded; the real broad netizens can see that in the entertainment industry, the flowers enjoyed by the stars after becoming famous overnight are fame and fortune, which is so distinctive and naked before the fame.
    did not know. In nine years, Zhang Xiaofei finally completed, and Jia Ling once wrote "Zhang Xiaofei becomes a big name!"
    Cuja also said that Jia Ling has achieved Zhang Xiaofei today.
    Actually, I want to say that they have achieved each other with each other, and they are the best partners.
    Wang Zhang Xiaofei, who once had a grand start, took every step well and continued to bring more and better works to everyone in the next acting life.

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