How many rings do you bring after marriage?

Before my boyfriend bought a diamond ring proposal, now discuss marriage. When buying a wedding ring, I have two rings. Is it a wedding ring or an engagement ring after marriage? If the wedding ring is equal to the engagement ring? But I want to bring the engagement diamond ring, the wedding ring is placed?

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  1. 1. Diamond ring 1. Represents the unwavering love
    The diamond represents a strong, pure love and a solid marriage, and the diamond is rare and precious. Therefore Sex, men now buy a diamond ring before marriage.
    2. Give away at the time of proposal
    The diamond ring is generally given to his partner during the proposal, mainly to express his love for him, and the true feelings of marriage to him. If the woman accepts this one The ring shows the willingness to spend a lifetime with him, and the two sides can prepare for marriage.
    . Precept 1. Symbol of identity
    The significance of the precept lies in the one of the two parties, and the precepts are worn by two people after marriage. The root fingers connected to the heart. Generally, when people see a person's left hand ring finger wearing a ring, it means that the person is married.
    2. Wearing each other at the wedding scene
    The wedding scene will have an exchange ring after the two parties say each other. Under the testimony of relatives and friends, the new people wear the ring for the other. Marriage life has become a dependence on each other.
    . Gold Ring 1. Part of the three gold
    A previous diamond ring and the ring not popular, people buy gold rings, and gold has a long history for the Chinese. It is a valuable item, but now that most of the gold rings are not suitable for daily wear, they are usually used as three gold accessories for the woman's family.
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  2. Just wear only one wedding ring, but now there are engagement rings in addition to the wedding ring. In fact, as long as you like it, you can wear it at the same time. In addition to the meaning of marriage, the current ring plays a great role in decoration.

  3. You have a engagement ring, you can do n’t buy a wedding ring. If you buy it, you can, the index finger with an ring finger with one, and two are not abnormal. Many people do n’t bring two or three in their hands. As long as you like it, you have the money to buy a few and bring a few

  4. The custom of wearing a ring in our country is male left and female. Generally, there is only one ring for one marriage. If the second marriage will replace the ring, still only bring one. The right -handed little finger represents that you do not want to fall in love; the ring finger of the right hand represents love; the middle finger of the right hand represents the other half of his own; the right index finger represents a single nobleman. The left -handed little finger represents the unmarried family; the ring finger of the left hand represents the already famous flowers; the middle finger of the left hand represents the engagement; the left index finger represents the unmarried. From the general wearing method, many places follow the principles of men's left and women, so general boys will wear the ring on their left hand, and girls will wear the ring on the right hand. The ring represents the intention.

  5. According to normal, it is to bring a wedding ring after marriage, that is, the ring, but the popular method now is that the diamond ring and the ring are stacked after marriage. very nice. But in fact, just according to your own preferences.

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