September 30, 2022

5 thoughts on “How much is a gram of diamond ring?

  1. If you do not consider the diamond grade, the price of a carat diamond ring may range from 20000 to 200000
    for example, a 1-Carat diamond ring with poor color clarity can be sold for about 20000 to 30000, while a 1-Carat diamond ring with high level may be sold for about 100000 to 20
    for example, Tiffany 1.00ct D vvs1 ex ex ex n is a classic six claw model, with a price ranging from 150000 to 200000 yuan
    1. Carat weight of diamonds
    the carat weight of diamonds is the size of diamonds. 1.00ct is equal to 0.2000g, and a carat is equal to 100 points. Generally, the 50 points we say are equal to 0.50 carat. Under the condition that other parameters meet the requirements, the larger the carat weight of diamonds, the better. After all, the size is more intuitive. The first sight is the size of diamonds. You can choose the corresponding size according to your own budget. If you have no idea about the size of diamonds, you can go to the jewelry counter to have a general impression of the size
    as for the choice of diamond size, if it is used for marriage, I suggest that you should try to choose a diamond with a score of more than 30 points. Of course, this is selected according to your own budget ability
    the theoretical diameter of the carat weight of the round diamond is corresponding to the theoretical value, but the diameter of the diamonds with three ex cuts is usually less than the theoretical value. For example, the theoretical value of a carat diamond is 6.50MM, but it is usually only 6.30-6.40mm. Therefore, when selecting diamonds of the same level, try to select diamonds with a diameter closer to the theoretical value. Don't just see whether the cutting is 3 ex details or the main choice
    for your reference, how many carats of diamonds can you buy in the budget?
    for a budget of 5000-6000, you can buy 20-30 points
    for a budget of 6000-15000, you can buy 30-50 points
    if the budget is 10000-20000, you can buy 50-60 points
    if the budget is 15000-25000, you can buy 50-70 points
    if the budget is 25000-35000, you can buy 70-80 points
    the budget is 35000-45000, 90-1 carat
    II. Diamond color grade
    the color grade of diamonds GIA divides the color change of colorless to light yellow or light brown series diamonds into 23 consecutive color grades, and the letters D, e, F, G, h, I, J, K, l, m, N, O, q, R, s, t, u, V, W, x, y, Z represent different color grades from high to low
    generally, when buying diamond rings, the closer they are to colorless, the better. The lower the color level, the more yellow the diamonds are, and the more yellow the fire color of the diamonds will be covered
    III. diamond cleanliness level
    diamonds naturally form more or less internal inclusions. The cleanliness of diamonds is to observe the internal characteristics and external characteristics of diamonds with a standard 10x magnifying glass. The impact of the cleanliness characteristics on the cleanliness level mainly depends on the size, quantity, location, nature and visibility of the inclusions. The internal characteristics of diamonds usually include feather grain, dark inclusions, clouds, dot inclusions, needle inclusions, crystal inclusions, etc. the external characteristics usually include polishing grain, concave original crystal surface, etc. to put it simply, the purity of diamonds is the degree of internal defects.

  2. There is no standard answer to the price of diamond rings. This is because of the different 4C levels of diamonds. The so-called 4C refers to the weight, cut, color and clarity of diamonds. For diamonds of the same weight, the price varies a lot because other 3CS are different. Darry ring (DR ring) is customized by the man with his ID card. He interprets the moving idea of "the only true love in his life" with the unique custom rule of "only one person in his life". When he meets the love in his life, he customizes this diamond ring for her and makes a romantic commitment to her that he will only love one person in his life. Because the price of Darry ring diamond ring is not the key, the sincerity is important.

  3. Hello, first of all, I would like to correct the unit, This is the unit of measurement of diamonds:
    1 gram (g) = 5 carats (CT)
    1 carat (CT) = 0.2 grams (g)
    1 carat (CT) = 100 points (point)
    1 point (point) = 0.01 carat (CT)
    1 Carat (CT) = 4 grains (GR)
    1 grains (GR) = 0.25 carats (CT)
    1 kg (kg) = 32.15 troy ounces (
    1 gram (g) = 0.03215 ounces (
    1 troy ounce ( = 31.1035g (g)
    1 troy ounce ( = 480 grains (GR)
    the price of diamonds varies greatly depending on the grade and clarity, and the same size and weight. Generally, the worst price of 50 points is more than 10000, and it is not bright. If the quality is a little better, it will cost 20000 to 30000 for marriage, one carat, 100 points. Many brands have not seen a small counter. If you see a 50 point 100000 in zhouxx, you won't be bothered to read it any more. Diamonds are too expensive to go online. In general, we are rich and have jobs, not demolition or upstarts in business. When we get married, we give women 50 points, within 30000. I've seen one carat. The girl has money. She bought it and took it with her. She bought it very early. When she bought it, it was 60000 yuan. She once said that the value had increased by more than 300000 yuan. It's good for us to get married with 50 points. The flash points of 50 points are those of men who are in a good economy. We have both houses and cars. We have some business at home.

  4. The price of diamond ring is affected by the grade, style and brand of diamond 4C. Diamond 4C; Weight, color, clarity, cutting and style; Inlay method, ring support material, brand; When different brands buy diamond rings of the same style and 4C, the price will fluctuate. A carat diamond ring, made in dmallovo (marilay), needs to be purchased with a budget of 50000-200000.

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