September 30, 2022

5 thoughts on “How to judge the quality of the diamond ring?

  1. The 4C standard with the home is: color (color), Clarity (clarity), CUT (cut), and cact (weight)

    It is a unit with heavy diamond measuring, 1 carat is equal to one hundred points, (0.50CT is 50point), and the weight is equal to 0.2 grams. Whether 1 carat looks like twice as large as 50 points, or the front of 2 carat diamonds is 1 carat with 1 carat What about twice? This is wrong. Because diamonds are cubes, the weight increases, and the proportion of increased diameter is different. Clarks is only one of the main factors that measure diamond value, not unique elements. It is also necessary to consider other factors (Cut, CORITY, Color) to evaluate their professionalism and objectivity together. NV4W2thyo
    . Color color
    The color of the diamond is the best colorless. The deeper the color, the worse the quality. The classification from Defghij to XYZ, DEF (colorless) is the first choice for many people when choosing diamonds. There are also many people who choose the color range of G ~ J (near colorless). Essence Generally, the naked eye viewing has been inlaid. If it is not a very professional appraiser, it is not easy to separate the color. For example, although the color of F and G is only one level, the price difference is relatively large.
    three, Clarity clarity
    The diamonds are minerals produced under the surface. After the cut diamonds are completed, the internal and surface contents and marks are covered before mining. The diamond clarity level for gemstones accounts for about 10%of all ore output, and the VS clarity level is very rare. Therefore, the tags exclusive to this diamond are the best testimony to identify this diamond. This is the correctness and objectivity of maintaining the clarity classification. General diamonds are divided into the following level:
    1) IF: internal flawless.
    ) VVS: It is difficult to see defects under 40 times the large mirror, divided into VVS1, VVS2.
    3) VS: It is not easy to see defects under 10 times large mirror, divided into vs1, vs2.
    4) Si: It is easy to see defects under 10 times large mirror, divided into SI1, SI2, SI3. 5) P: There are more or large flaws, and affects its durability, transparency and brightness, and the naked eye is easy to see.
    . Cut cut 1 U_ 2 4
    The rough stone of a diamond, even if it is thrown on the road, no one will pay attention to it. Have a gorgeous fire color. Cutting refers to the geometric shape of the various petals of the finished naked diamond and its arrangement. CUT cutting is an important factor that can be enhanced by the beauty of the technical personnel, and the beauty of diamonds can be enhanced. Foreign appraisal agencies are generally divided into three levels: EX (Excellent is very good), VG (Very Good is good), G (good, general), domestic appraisal agencies are also divided into three levels: good, good, general. Usually CUT cutting is divided into: cutting ratio, polishing, and modification. In addition, CUT cutting contains 6 aspects:
    1) Total depth: full deep ratio
    ) Table size: platform width ratio
    3) Girdle: waist circumference thickness
    4) Culet: Flipper
    5) Polish: polishing
    6) Symmetry: symmetry

  2. Diamond ring, two parts: one is diamonds, and the other is clamp material; the quality of diamonds has strict standards. Internationally use 4C standards to evaluate the quality of diamonds, so buy diamonds must buy international pass certificates. Such as GIA, 4C standards, I believe you have understood it. Popular is weight, color, cut, and clarity. A high -quality diamonds above one carat will have room for collection and appreciation. Putting material, diamond inlaid materials include platinum, gold, K gold; diamond ring advertisements made by Maggie Cheung are actually very convincing. Diamonds really need to be equipped with platinum to reflect its value. Make a platinum color. At least I know the platinum diamonds used by rich women in the coastal areas and are still more than one carat diamond, so do not believe what the clerk says what PT950 platinum is inlaid. So they either do n’t understand or are so blindly. The purity of identifying platinum is much easier than the purity of identifying K gold. He dare not dare to make an article here. After saying so much, you should understand.
    The answer is: when you buy a diamond ring, go to the regular jewelry store to buy a PT950 platinum diamond with international certificates, buy VVS in the clarity, buy H color above the color, it is best to be D -color, F color, cut work to buy perfect cut In the end, you can afford the diamonds of the size under these standards, and the diamond ring you buy in this way is the best.

  3. From the perspective of the layman, the easiest way to choose a good diamond ring is to buy it at a regular store. Domestic old -fashioned shops such as Hengfu, instead of Blessing of Blogen on TV every day. Essence The more you call the international brand, you must add careful! From a professional perspective, the diamond processing site, color, clarity, and finally the size, the larger the diamond is better.

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