Is there a Dream Golden Garden in Golden China?

Thinking of Mengjin Garden to buy some gold, I don't know if there is a Dream Gold Garden in the top ten brands of Gold in China.

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  1. The top ten brands of gold in China do not have Dream Garden.
    The domestic top ten gold brands:
    1, Zhou Baifu.
    2, Zhou Dafu.
    3, Zhou Shengsheng.
    4, Lao Fengxiang.
    5, six blessings.
    6, Zhou Dasheng.
    7, Mingpai.
    8, tide macro base.
    9, Xie Ruilin TSL.
    10, old temple.
    First of all, Dream Golden Garden Jewelry Jewelry was established in 1994. It is a large -scale gold jewelry company specialized in research and development, design and processing and sales.
    The main jewelry such as gold, platinum, silver and jade, and nearly hundreds of tons of gold jewelry processed each year, and even build the world's top gold jewelry aircraft carrier brand. Enterprises have been rated as a well -known acting company such as provincial AA -level standards, so they are favored by many people.

    The golden garden is good:
    1, the first dream gold garden jewelry is mainly made of gold, silver and crafts, as well as Sales. The quality of the excellent service quality of Golden Garden Gold and High purity has been well received by consumers, and thus becoming a very high -quality brand leader in the Chinese gold jewelry industry.
    2, Mengjin Garden is constantly opening some new welding processes, thus completely changing the traditional welding process and adding some auxiliary welded methods from it to allow the purity of gold jewelry to reach 999.9%. Let the jewelry have more colors, novel and lasting, not easy to break, and the color is very high, so it is rated as a dream of pure gold.
    3, all gold jewelry of Mengjin Garden uses welding technology for production during production and processing, 100%will not add any additives, and fully ensure that the purity in the gold jewelry can meet the standards that it should be reached. Essence
    Mengjinyuan is also the first batch of quality supervision in the country to test the first batch of standards. In addition to the high purity of the Mengjin Garden, it also successfully challenged the world's Golden Ring Guinness World Record, and became a larger golden -ring manufacturer and advocate in the world. It should be shocked by the entire jewelry industry. The gold content of the Dream Gold Garden is also very high, and the price is slightly more expensive. The price of one gram is about 380 yuan. thing.

  2. It seems that there are, after all, Mengjin Garden is also a relatively famous brand in China
    , but buying gold does not have to go to those big brands

    If you want to buy cost -effective
    Is you can go to some e -commerce brands like Ambury to see

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