September 30, 2022

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  1. Quote:
    (1) そうさほうほうって [Basic operation description of the game]
    (2) ぼうけ ん とは? [No problem]
    If select the first item, there will be a touch screen test. Select the third item [だ い ようぶ!] Continue to listen to the doctor's introduction, click the elf ball on the touch screen, you can choose the protagonist. In the past, we can still choose boys or girls as the protagonist of our own manipulation, and the party who has not been selected will become the opponent of the protagonist.

    Note: In order to avoid confusion, we are here It is agreed that the party we choose is [protagonist], and the selected opposite side is called [deputy protagonist], and the boy with yellow hair is [opponent]. In terms of road, R-XXX represents the XXX road. TMXX represents XX number move Machine, HMXX represents the XX secret passage.
    After selecting the protagonist, we must also name the protagonist and opponent. Next, our adventure starts.

    ] ン [Shuangye Town], the protagonist was watching TV at the beginning. Then he went downstairs and talked to his mother. He learned that his opponent was waiting for himself and went out. The upper left corner of the town was the opponent's home. I saw the opponent on the second floor, but he ran away again. After going out, I went to the R-201 above the village, and the opponent was there. After the conversation, I went to the left ン ジ シ シ シ シ [God Lake].

    As soon as I came to the Lake of God, I met the doctoral and deputy protagonists. After the conversation, the two left, but left a box. At this time, the two wild PMs suddenly rushed out. R n
    no.001/387 ナエ ト ル [HP: 55 Attack: 68 Defense: 64 Speed: 31 Special Attack: 45 Special Defense: 55] HP: 75 Attack: 89 Defense: 85 Speed: 36 Special Attack: 55 Special Defense: 65] [Cao system]
    Evolution of the second paragraph: [HP: 95 Attack: 109 Defense: 105 Speed: 56 Special Attack: 75 Special Defense: 75 Special Defense : 85] [Grass system ground system]

    no.004/390 ヒコザ ル [HP: 44 attack: 58 defense: 44 speed: 61 special attack: 58 special defense: 44] [44] [44] [44] [44] [44] [44] [44] [44] [44] [44] [44] Fire Department]
    Evolution: [HP: 64 Attack: 78 Defense: 52 Speed: 81 Special Attack: 78 Special Defense: 52] Attack: 104 Defense: 71 Speed: 108 Special Attack: 104 Special Defense: 71] [Fire Fighting Department]

    NO.007/393 ポ ッ チャマ [HP: 53 attack: 51 defense : 53 speed: 40 special attack: 61 special defense: 56] [water system] rn一段进化:[HP:64 攻击:66 防御:68 速度:50 特攻:81 特防:76][水系]rn二段进化:[HP:84 攻击:86 防御:88 速度: 60 special attack: 111 special defense: 101] [Water system steel system]
    The opponent will choose the elves of PM selected by the protagonist. Back to the town, I met the doctor, but the doctor did not want to return to the PM to return to the Institute first. Go home to talk to my mother, get running shoes, and then press the B key when moving. You can also run in the room this time.

    It now to マサゴ タウ ン [Zhensha Town] to find a doctorate. As soon as I entered the town, I saw the deputy protagonist, and was brought to the institute by the deputy protagonist. Go in to talk to the doctor, officially get the PM you just selected, and get the elves. After getting out of the institute, the deputy protagonist will introduce the facilities in the town to the protagonist. Back home to talk to my mother and get ぼうけ ん ノ ー ト [Adventure Note]. At this time, the opponent's mother rushed in, and asked the protagonist to send the parcel to the opponent.

    The official adventure. At the top of Zhensha Town is the R-202, the deputy protagonist will show the protagonist how to catch the wild PM. At this time, we can find that he/she chose the PM with the attribute restrained by the protagonist. After the demonstration, he/she will give the protagonist's five elves. Afterwards, I came to 长 ト 长 [Changshou City].

    In the city, I met the vice -protagonist, and then went to the school in the city to meet the opponent. After handing things to him, get マ ン マ ッ プ [Map]. There are two challengers in the upper right corner of the school, using the Casey of LV.6, and after defeating the trainer on the left, you can get TM10 めざめる パワ ー [awakening power]. In the building on the right side of the city to the exit of R-203, you can get せ せ ん せ い の ツメ [Pioneer Claw].

    Pevis in the center of the elves, the protagonist was called by an uncle. The uncle asked the protagonist to find three clown in the city, answered their questions to get the exchange voucher, and then won a prize from him. The 3 clowns are on the west of the city, the door of the store, and the pool. Their problem is:

    (1) After defeating the opponent's PM, the experience value will increase, will the ability become stronger? Intersection
    (2) Can a PM only carry one prop?
    (3) When PM is the same as using the attributes of the use, will the movement of the move increase?
    The can be selected. After getting the exchange coupon, you can get the watch Poketch.

    On the city from the right, the opponent will come to the protagonist challenge.

    opponent's elves:
    LV.7 Fat Fat Weng
    LV.9 The initial PM
    A man, he will give the protagonist HM06 い わくだき [broken rock], but the protagonist now has no badge and cannot use HM to break the rock. Continue to the right, walk out of the cave, and come to ク ロガネシティ [Black Jin City]. Gym [Training Museum] who came to Heijin City, when he met his opponent, he learned that the owner was not here. Enter the mine from the bottom of the city, find the owner in the depths, and then the owner will return to the training hall. After that, he can challenge him.

    The main elves of the museum:
    LV.12 small fist stone
    LV.12 Great rock snake
    LV.14 no.34 ズガ ズガ ズガ n defeated the museum After the Lord's badge and TM76 ス テ ル ス ロ ッ ク, HM06 crushed rock can also be used.

    The woman in a room in Black Gold City wants to use Casey to exchange wrist strength. If you are interested, you can go to R-207 to grab a wrist force to exchange.回到精灵中心,发现PC的地下一楼开启,进去后,服务员小姐会给主角ともだちてちょう,此道具涉及到网络通信。

    Is when I wanted to leave the Heijin City from the left side of the city, the protagonist met the opponent again. After the conversation, I learned that the next training hall was in ハ ク タ イ シティ [lotic city]. After that, I returned to the R-203's ク ロガネ ゲ ー ト cave.

    The back to Changshou City and walked up, and found that Dr. Qimong House and Deputy Lord were entangled by two people of ギ ン ガ ん [Galaxy Group]. After being defeated, the two fled, and the doctor also returned to the Institute. At this time, the staff of a TV station came over and gave the protagonist with ア ク セサ リ ー い れ [attachment package].

    is R-204 up, and then あれ た ぬけみち [abandoned shortcut], use broken rock to break the stone and continue to move forward. TM39 rock seal can be picked up next to the water channel on the left. After going out from the right exit, there is still R-204, and there is a TM09 seed machine gun on the left. Go north to ソノオ タウ ン [苎 苎 从].

    The コダ ッ ク じょうろ [Warroton] in the flower shop in the town, you can water the fruit tree. A resident also has TM88.

    The right to R-205, encounter a little girl, and then go to the right to た に ま つで つで つで ん し ょ [Power Plant]. There is a member of the Galaxy regiment at the entrance of the power plant. After defeating him, the key is needed to enter. Back to the town of Garden, enter the upper left corner of ソノオ ばたけ ばたけ な ばたけ [苎 苎 回 回], defeated the two galactic group members who were threatening to threaten the old man inside, and got は つで ん し ょ ー [Power Plant Key]. The old man will also give the ミツ い [Sweet Honey] to the protagonist. In the future, you can use this prop to increase the PM appearance rate in a specific grass. Enter the power plant, defeat the galaxy group members, and rescue the little girl's father.

    In R-205 to ハ ク タ も も も り [も], encountered a woman's request to go with the protagonist, and then the 2P will become a double battle in the future. Women will retreat when they leave the forest. Go right to reach タ ク 即 イ シティ [Lands City]. In the center of the elves, there will be a woman's watch to the protagonist's watch to add the function of な つき ッ カ ー [intimacy checker]. In addition, you can re -name the PM in the city, exchange PM with NPC, get TM67 リ サ イ ク ル and た ん け け ッ ト [adventure equipment], etc. Please explore it yourself.

    The father who encountered the auxiliary protagonist's father at the entrance of the bicycle lane below. If the PM illustration collected by the protagonist reaches 30 species (no need to catch), you can get the learning device ZZZ. There are no bicycles now, so you can't pass. When I went to the bicycle shop in the city, I learned from the clerk's mouth that the boss was taken away by the Galaxy. I found a building upwards. It turned out to be the site of the Galaxy Tour. At this time, a woman appeared, and the HM01 residence was given to the protagonist. But now there is no badge, and the trees cannot be used to cut the cosmetic chop.

    In the training hall first. The rules of this training hall are that four trainers must be found in the bushes, and the lord will appear after the battle and win. After defeating the museum owner, you can get the badge and TM86 くさむすび [plant bundle], and at the same time, the HM01 Juhe Cut can also be used.

    It back to the building just now, enter the tree with a categorian chop, and enter the TM46 stealing on the way. After the battle, rescue the bicycle shop owner. The bicycle is the same as the gem version. There are two speeds of [ordinary] and [fast]. Press the B key to switch.

    This on a bicycle through a bicycle lane, a woman at the end point will give the protagonist as a フ ラ ッ グ [flag]. Go down to the R-207 and lead to the black gold market. When you encounter the auxiliary horns on the way, you will ask you a question when you talk. If you choose one casually, you can get バ ト ル サ ー チャ ー [battle search device] and treasure detector.

    Then go to the right side of R-207 and come to て ん が ん ざ ん [Tianyan Mountain]. A man will be encountered in the cave and left after the conversation. The entrance leads to R-208, and you can get か な め い し [stone] in the hands of a NPC on the way; in addition, the Fruit Celebrity House is also here, you can get 1 fruit in 1 day, his granddaughter will add き み み サ サ ー チャ ー [Fruit [Fruit The function of search device]. After passing R-208, it is ガシティ ス ガシティ [Yuanshi].

    Is met a woman when she entered the city, and left after the conversation. When I came to the beauty conference venue, I found that the owner was the woman just now. Now you can try the new beauty contest.

    It the training hall, the owner is not there, and the hunting area above is not open. Go down, meet your opponent, and fight against each other.

    opponent's elves:
    LV.19 Fat Fat Me. PM
    After defeating the opponent, he came to R-209 to the right. You can get a good fishing rod in the hands of R-209. On the way, I found a タワ ス ト タワ ー [Lost Tower]. After entering, I defeated the trainer and picked up the TM27 grace. When I came to the top, I could get the strange power of きよめ の おふだ おふだ [avoid evil facies] and HM04.

    In go out and continue to move forward, come to ズ イ タウ ン [Ruizhen]. Here you can put the elves in the breeding house to have eggs. Talk to the woman on the edge of the cliff to get TM 51. There are also unknown totem relics in Ruizhen. In depth, you can get upgraded candy, magic stone version (improvement of superpowers' power), weird (improving the power of superpowers) and golden eggs.

    R-211 is a rain zone. You can pick up TM34 electric shock waves and TM66 and other props on the way, but there are more trainers. After walking, arrive at ト リ 达 [Express City]. In the second room of the road to the training hall, you can get a coin box, but you need to play a guessing game first. The correct options are randomly generated in the 2 answers, depending on luck. With the coin box, you can play the game in the game hall. You can exchange game coins on the left side of the game hall, and you can buy a lot of tricks here. Then you can challenge the training hall.

    The main elves of the Museum:
    LV.27 Yoga Monkey
    LV.27 Hao
    LV.30 Later, you can get badge and TM60, and the secret passage flying can also be used. After walking out of the training hall, he met the deputy protagonist and said that his illustration was snatched by the Galaxy. When you come to the building in the upper right corner, you can recapture the picture and the deputy protagonist K after falling off the two galaxy group members. Enter the house in the upper right corner and pick up HM02 flying.

    It below the city is R-214. After leaving the tent city, enter a cave. You can find TM28 digging. There is also a relic in the cave. He called the protagonist to catch 26 unknown totems before coming to him. Passing through the R-214 is リ ッ ジ こ ほと ほと り [Forest Lake], but you ca n’t go in, you can only move forward. You can pick up TM40 in R-213, and you can reach ノモセシティ [Nomao City] after you pass through.

    This is a place called だ い し つげ ん. After spending 500 yuan, you can get HM05 き り ばら い [消 ばら] at the NPC near the door. Next challenge the training hall.

    The main elves of the Museum:
    LV.27 tyrannosaurus
    LV.27 King
    LV.30 big sea otter
    Get the badge and TM 62 し おみず, HM05 can also be used.

    In at the door of だ い し つげ ん, when I met the Galaxy members, the group members went out of the city after the conversation. Chase the Yinhe Tuan member of the R-213 will catch him on the beach, but fled again. You will meet him again near the Lake of Forestry and defeat him. Later, I encountered the lord of the leucorrhea city by the lake. After the conversation, I gave the ひで ん の くす [secret medicine] to the protagonist and let the protagonist complete a task. Back to Ruizhen, using a secret medicine for the silly duck, the lady of the museum will appear, and complete the task after the conversation.

    The return to R-210, use HM05 to remove the fog and reach the cold wind town. The uncle in the elves of Hanfeng Town will give the protagonist a elves. In the house in the lower left corner, you can add the function of the watch to the watch. Essence At the entrance of the town's cave cave, you will meet the Galaxy League members and defeat him. Next, he will talk to the grandparents. The wife asked the protagonist to visit the relics in the cave. Then flew back to the city to challenge the training hall.

    The main elves of the Museum:
    LV.32 Mysterious Gas
    LV.34 Geng Gui
    LV.36 Dream Devil Evolution
    Get the badge and TM65 ロ ー ク ロ ー [Shadow Claw], surfing allowed. After leaving the training hall, she met the lord of the leucorrhea city. After the conversation, she asked the protagonist to go to [Weiyang City]. Fly to Changshou City, go left to the R-218 waterway to Weiyang City. When he encounters his opponent's father at the entrance, he will help the protagonist to enhance the performance of the illustration, and in the future, he can show the appearance of different gender PMs. Encountered opponents in the city and started war.

    opponent's elves:
    LV.31 huge man
    LV.30 strong beetle
    LV.32 flame horse
    LV.32 double -color rose r r
    LV.35 is restrained by PM
    The room at the entrance can get TM48; there is a home that forgets Dad in the city, you can forget the trick you learned. Take a boat in the lower left corner, enter a cave, and team like Allen in the Bobo Guide. After defeating the Galaxy League members in the cave, you can get the eggs of Rakalio's degraded egg (there must be no 6 pets in the team in the team. To. Then go to the challenge hall owner.

    The main elves of the museum:
    LV.36 giant steel
    LV.36 steel snake
    LV.39 giant snake
    n defeated After the lord, the badge and TM91 were available, and the weird power of the secret machine was also available. After leaving the training hall, talk to the opponent, and then go to the library 3F. After a conversation, you can leave the library. Going to the Lake of Forestry, it was found that the lake water had been removed by the Galaxy. Enter the cave in the lake and defeat the Galaxy League members. Then fly to the leucorrhea city, walk into the cave on the right, push the stones with the weird power of the machine, enter the R-216 and R-217, and you can pick up TM07 and HM08 rock climbing on the way. Come to サキシティ ッ サキシティ [Town of Ice and Snow] to challenge the training hall.

    The main elves of the Museum:
    LV.38 Ice Snowman
    LV.42 Ice and Snow Giant
    LV.38 R n
    The badge and TM72 after defeating the lord, HM08 climbing can be used. After leaving the training hall, returning to the beginning of the Lake of God, he saw that the doctor was abducted by the Galaxy. After defeating the Galaxy Tour, he flew back to the town of ice and snow, walked to the left to Yingzhi Lake, and met the Galaxy again.

    It Flying Return to Takhuri [Turn Castle City], encountered the Galaxy League member in front of the building, and the group members fled after throwing off the key. Use the key to enter the small warehouse on the left side of the building, and picked up や の い し [Dark Stone] at the door. Enter the underground warehouse, knock down the galaxy members inside, you can pick up TM21, TM36, and TM49 on the way. You can pick up the key of the Galaxy Tour near the TM36, and then you can leave. Go back to the building again, open the door with yellow G -shaped on the floor, defeat the Galaxy group members inside, see the Galaxy BOSS in the deepest part, start war. Get the master ball after defeating him. Enter the research room on the right side of BOSS, defeat the cadres inside, and the three mysterious PM disappear.

    It back to て ん が ん ざ ん [Tianyan Mountain], encounter the Galaxy Troupe deep in the cave, and then go to the deep top of the mountain, see the Galaxy group BOSS, at this time Pearl [Water system dragon system]/ Diamond [Steel Dragon] The beast appears, but it seems not normal. After defeating the cadres of the Galaxy, the three mysterious PMs appeared, and the beasts returned to normal. After that, it was against the Galaxy BOSS.

    Galaxy group BOSS elves:
    LV.45 Dark Water King
    LV.45 Matto
    After defeating the BOSS, the doctor and others arrived, and then the battle between the protagonist and the beast, LV.47, catch it.

    seeing/knocking down the god beast, heading to the forest lake, passing the R-222 to the right, and coming to ナギサシティ [Mingmu City] to challenge the training hall.

    The main elves of the museum:
    LV.46 Leiqiu
    LV.47 double -tailed monkey
    LV.47 Lion

    It the badge and TM57 after defeating the lord. Go out of the training hall and get HM07 ascending the waterfall at the woman at the top of the sea. The final goal is the Elf Alliance. From the women who get HM07 to surf up and enter the road of the championship, the road of championship needs to surf, strange power, crushed rock, climbing, and waterfall, please prepare. When I walked out of the championship, I was going to meet the opponent when I was about to enter the room of the King of Heaven.

    opponent's elves:
    LV.48 huge man
    LV.50 strong beetle
    LV.49 three -color rose
    LV.51 cards beast beast
    LV.53 is restrained PM
    LV.49 Flame Horse
    The next step is the four heavenly kings and champions.

    The king 1 elves:
    LV.53 poison moth
    LV.53 pollen butterfly
    LV.57 huge poisonous scorpion
    LV.54 strong beetle
    LV.54 Giant Bing Bee

    Tianwang 2 elves:
    LV.55 king
    LV.55 Earthquake catfish
    LV.56 deception tree
    LV.56 Ronglong
    LV.59 Sand hippocampus

    Tianwang 3 Elf:
    LV.58 flame horse
    LV.57 flame rabbit
    LV.61 Flame Monkey
    LV.58 Blasting Flame Monster
    LV.57 Steel Snake

    R nLV.63 Iron and Steel Puppet
    LV.60 Yoga Monkey
    LV.60 Hu Di
    LV.59 Kirin Qi
    LV.61 Ghost Potted Plant
    LV.63 Localo
    LV.60 Water Snail
    LV.63 Beautiful Dragon
    LV.60 Three -color Rose
    LV.66 Dragon R r r r r r
    After defeating the King and the champion, the protagonist became the new champion of the new Olympic area, and the week ended. However, the story is not over, there are more challenges waiting for us ...

    The two weeks are currently playing:
    The dialogue learned that the enemy came to visit. The port of Jinyu City had been opened. You can go to the battle area and the doctor to let the protagonist go to the institute.

    In first go to find a doctor, see the heroine at the door, and know that the old lady of Guanfeng Town has a request, fly to Guanfeng Town, and talk to the old lady in the middle of the middle. Illustration (Pearl Edition is obtained by diamonds and beasts). In this way, the new Outuka can basically be collected -here to add a sentence, if you have to fight as much as possible before the customs clearance, then you should have seen all the monsters. If you have not seen it, then please go again. Looking for it (some monsters, such as the 65th, only appeared in the ghost Taoist Museum in the game, but this monster is limited to the pearl version, so those who play the diamond version can only ask others to help them come over). After completing the illustration book, I went back to Zhensha Town to find a doctoral conversation. At this time, the old man in Da Mu arrived. The upgrade book was used as a national illustration. At the same time, the Palu park on the 221 road can start using (GBA linkage). The new adventure officially begins!

    It to the top Jinya City, talk to the crew of the port below, arrive at the battle area, see the enemy, receive a red -haired girl commission, and then go to the building on the right. In the future, it is used to record the BP value; walking up is a combat tower, where the eighth museum owner and enemy are encountered here, but they do not fight. Battle tower can play a challenge.

    The enter the 230 waterway from the bottom right of the battle tower, and to the 229th waterway to the famous victory zone to the right. Here a building needs to get the ribbon of the beauty contest to enter. The temporary effect is unknown; The road, continue to enter the road 228, this is the wind sand zone. Note that this is a place to test the rapid turn of the bicycle. There is an elderly man in the middle taught the three protagonists to correspond to the strongest skills. Through the road 228, enter the 226 waterway from the bottom right direction, and go left to the relic area; continue to go to the right to enter the road 225, and go down to the port port of the battle zone through the city porch. The large -scale loop of the entire region is completed. Note that at the last porch exit, he can get a high -end fishing rod with the uncle Fishing next to the fishing.
    The special god beast capture plot


    1. It appears on maps around the world, and you will run away when you enter the battle. Like Dream Beasts, you will not be displayed on ordinary maps whether you have encountered it. You need to use the map tracking function of the pocket watch to track. Super energy system, level 50.

    2. Fire Steel Beast

    In from the porch on the right side of the road No. 226 (carrying rock climbing, gravel, strange power), reaches the road 227, here is here, here is In the volcanic ash area, when you see the owner of the water system and the enemy, you can rest and return your physical strength with the elderly in the hut; after going up the mountain, you will see the red -haired girl at the port; enter the cave from the upper left side, see the enemy here, he said only It can help girls here; continue to enter the cave to form a team with the girl, and take her into the top of the cave. She takes away the rocks of the Hades Town, and leaves after shaking.
    The relics on the left side of the 226 waterway, find a red -haired man in the room on the left of the elves, leave with him, and enter the deep part of the cave in Hader Mountain again. Steel, level 70.

    3. Holy Pillar King

    This needs to communicate with the GBA version. In the middle and upper houses where the seventh Taoist city is located, when the owner of the Taoist hall is blocked, the main party will come to admit the strength of the protagonist and allow it to enter. Seeing the Holy Pillar King in the deepest part, it will not fight. After transmitting the GBA version of the rock/steel/ice triple pillar to the DS version (let others pass through wireless communication or WiFi, some people have been converted on the Internet), bring these three monsters on the Internet), bring these three monsters and then come again. Here will enter the battle, capture No.486 Holy Pillar King, general system, level 70.

    4. Ghost Dragon

    back to the cave in front of the four heavenly kings. The girl Mai Mai moved forward with her. After reaching the cave at the top of the right, she thanked the protagonist and left, followed her out of the hole, and saw a white empty slab at the top, but for the time being, there was nothing ... it looks like a mirror. Same?

    After all this task is completed, the gap in the right side of the road 214 will open a new road, and take the mountain back to the cave above the lake after the monster with the mountain climbing and gravel enters. The rock maze can destroy the rock with gravel, but this maze really hurts the brain.える ... 30 える える に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に に が が が が が が が が が が が が が が …… …… ... After the puzzle is solved, I see No.487 Ghost Dragon ギ ラ ティナ, Ghost Dragon, level 70 Essence

    It autumn wind and Xiao Luo 2007-8-23 15:09 Reply to this speech

    ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------ -------------

    2 Pokemon Monster Pearl/Diamond Two Weekly Vegetables (Transfer)
    5. Dream beast

    At night and late at night, the U.S. City (Sixth Taoist City) and the little girl in the bed in the lower left house talked to the next port to the side of the port with the crew. Ultra -energy system, level 50, it escaped, picked up the props left by it, and returned to the town of the United States after returning to the town of the United States and ended it to the little girl. Like the third holy mushroom, Dream beast will appear anywhere on the map, and use the map of the pocket watch to track it!

    6. Photoi

    Manafe's degenerative form can only be obtained by letting Mana Fei eggs, but it is said that it can not evolve to Manafe, not only not only In this way, its ability is lower than Manafe, and its existence is also a mysterious existence. I look forward to seeing him from the broken egg shell, No.489 フィオネ, water system.

    7. Manfei

    The W task completed in the previous "Poker Ranger" was obtained and interacted with the W task of "Poker Ranger". Water system.

    NO.491 Dream
    In the membership card and solve the nightmare incident of the captain's daughter, enter the original house that could not enter the center of the Pokemon center, talk to the glasses man, and then go to bed to sleep. Dreaming that I came to a solitary island: Crescent Island, I have been deepened, and I met 40 -level evil beasts in the woods, dreams. Wake up after receiving
    no.492 Grass Hedgehog n To go to an exit in the champion's cave and side, you need to climb the rock climbing skills. After passing through the cave, you go to the road 224. After walking to the end, he will see the big wood. After the conversation, he will let the player pray to the stone. After seeing it at the end, I saw the 30 -level grass hedgehog
    no.493 Arussaus
    After getting the reincarnation, I went to the Temple Yuanshan and went deep into the Catch Dia Luta Kajia. In the place, there will be a fast ask you if you want to play the flute. After the blow, there will be a ladder before the altar of the beast. When the ladder reaches the top, you will encounter the legendary super god beast with 1,000 hands. Archives should be archived in the front, otherwise when you see the super god beast, it will automatically rush up ...

    It other branches


    11. Electric ghost r r r

    The time is limited to night and late at night. From Baiya City to the left to the left, I found the leader of the second museum here, left after the conversation, and use the cheats 01 to cut off the small tree to enter the upper ghost house. In a room, after investigating the TV, NO.479 Electric Ghost ロ ト ロ, Electric Ghost, Level 15. Don't be too powerful to carry the monsters, only one of the monsters in the plot;

    12. Annon
    is on the right side of Cowboy Town. The slate under the slate is written with dark blade rough. and! Form, but I do n’t know if this work adds new forms. Suspected this plot is related to the super god beast with a racial value of 720.

    13.3D dragon
    time limited the dusk. Dialogue with the owner in the building under the luxury house below the green city will show off the plot. After that, you can capture 3D in the grass behind the house at dusk time. Dragon primitive form. (Suspected of this plot is related to the grass hedgehog, now it seems not ...)

    p.s. All three holy beasts must participate in XXX activities to get key props, but there are bugs to catch 491 and 491 and 492 (I have used the record, decided to be feasible, I tried it), attached:
    The first 4 major in the first 4 major, the watches are clear 0 with surfing, flying, and instantaneous movement/drilling land. Cross the door of the first grid (the surfing disappearance) on the right, and 63 steps on the left (cumulative 456) on the left (cumulative 519). At this time, it has reached the top left of the world map, uses the excavation set, and then returns to the ground. At this time, the screen may be used to get better. The open object bar will get better. Enter the forest to the left. The capture is the same as mushrooms
    grass hedgehog:
    The first grid just now, 200 steps on the right, 363 steps (total 563) to the right 704 (total 1267), return to the ground, this The second flower screen should not be ignored. Keep going up. The road hedgehog is in the sea of ​​flowers at the end! ~ 30J, capture degree 45?
    p.s. Once this bug fails, it will cause the scene that will always be trapped in the bug, so please burn the card player to back up the archive. Methods to escape ...
    no.493 Super Holy Beast .. Use the modifier to change the reincarnation flute ~~

    Appear. But the premise must be the national illustration.

    It to be upgraded to the national illustration, the 150 PM illustrations of Xin'ao must be collected. Only PM is required here, no need to catch it.
    The battle with trainers on the map during customs clearance, you can obtain most PM illustrations except the beast.
    Rakalio's degradation needs to be hatched by itself. The method of obtaining is to take a boat at Weiyang City (the far left of the big map), enter the cave, and the people who resemble Allen, and do the galaxy in the depths. You can get the eggs of Localio's retreat.
    It in the middle of the cold wind town (with relics, get HM03 surfing town from the tire) in the middle of the house, talk to the Taomao in the middle of the house to obtain another pictorial of another god beast.
    Itmians of the 3 Plathical mushrooms. To the three large lakes (in the top of the top, the bottom left, and the lower right corner), you can see the holy mushrooms when you enter the cave in the center of the lake. It should be noted that the red holy mushrooms will run away without fighting, but it will record in the illustration. The other two Plaosper will enter the battle, each level 50, catch it.
    This should be collected at this time. If the difference between the difference NO.065, the DS date is changed to Friday, and it can be seen next to the power plant; if the bad voice, to the city in the middle of the map, go down to R-212, follow the trainer here here. You can see the battle, or use NO.056 to the leucorrhea city. Please explore other PMs by yourself.
    In the collection of illustrations, returned to the Institute of Dr. Qimuhu, dialogue, Dr. Oshi appeared, and the illustration was upgraded to the national illustration.

    It to the town of ice and snow (at the top of the map) to take a boat in the lower left corner of the left corner to reach the area in the upper right corner of the big map.

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