September 30, 2022

1 thought on “What is the design concept of modern jewelry designer?

  1. Don't think that diamonds and gold represent the luxury of pearls. As a category of design art, jewelry design also means artistic perception and value. As a fashionista, when you have perceived the fashion judgment of the art of the arts in the art, you cannot ignore it. The jewelry design is actually showing the inheritance and revolution of art, but in its field Classical and modern, traditional and avant -garde have more compatibility. This is also in the jewelry world. Classicalism design has always been prevalent, and abstractism design can also have a place.

    The work of "Yellow -Red -Blue" of the representative of abstractist paintings "Yellow -Red -Blue": Combining quite expressive geometric abstraction and color abstraction, in this work, the specific theme disappears Then, there are only abstract points, lines, and faces on the screen. Although some lines and colors appear in the form of geometric blocks, there are no traces of careful carving, as if you want, improvisation.

    On one of the masterpieces of abstractist buildings: Art Tower Mito, the Museum of Water Homo Art Museum. The theater, concert halls, modern art museums and conference halls are one. Each functional facilities are composed of different "Plato geometrics". The overall design is also the four major elements of Plato's four major elements of the natural world described in "Tamias" -the interpretation of fire, soil, qi, and water: The commemorative tower of 100 meters high is like "fire" vertically; the Modern Art Museum The display space with flexibility and liquidity is "qi"; square square represents "soil"; "water" is reflected at the spraying pool on one side of the square.

    The abstract inspiration of pearls shining

    It jewelry art

    art co -integration makes jewelry, painting, and architecture that seem not to mention not Related areas are also inherently associated. Taking abstract art as an example, the vanguard and expression of painting in the 20th century determines the essence of its first explanation of abstract art. Abstract art spreads in the fields of architecture, sculpture, and reached its peak in the 1950s. As a kind of artistic category, jewelry design cannot be separated from the large art environment, which cannot avoid abstractism inspiration in the field of painting and architecture and sculpture.

    This jewelry is to show reality and emotions with the help of the outline or a certain detail of the appearance. Abstract jewelery design can be reduced, refined or reorganized to the appearance of natural objects, or it can completely abandon natural objects and appear in a pure form.

    The architectural inspiration of "Plato Geometry"

    Tjinism that is focused on geometric aesthetics is not only reflected in many architectural masterpieces, full of space and architectural inspiration It is also particularly prevalent in autumn and winter this year. In jewelry design, this geometric tension that interoperate with architectural art began to use bold use of bold use of building raw materials such as logs, iron, ore, etc. to be expressed. At the same time, the shape design is also more focused on the use of geometry such as patent polyhedrones emphasized by the so -called Plato geometry in abstractism.

    The abstract charm is worthy of fun

    This abstraction, reminding people not to use concepts to bind their eyes and bind the angles and possibilities of their own viewing. Whether it is abstractist painting, architecture, or jewelry design, it strives to make disagreements or uncomfortable scenes and things in our habits, through a free atmosphere, cross our eyes into our hearts. Therefore, appreciate an abstract jewelery work, carefully appreciate some hints of details in the design, and imagine that "mystery" hidden behind this jewelry design is actually the fun that other styles of jewelry cannot provide you. At the same time, there are tens of millions of possibilities between appearances and images, which means that you also have a lot of unique and individual combination in the combination of jewelry and clothing.

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