4 thoughts on “What is the wedding diamond ring suitable for daily wear?”

  1. If it is worn everyday, the diamonds of about 30 points are the most important. And the best inlaid method is best to protect the diamonds and not fall off. And the price is not expensive:

  2. More people will choose a 30-50-point diamond ring as a wedding ring. The diamond ring within this size will not affect daily wear. You can choose the simple inlay method of claw inlaid, which is more suitable for daily life.
    If you choose a diamond ring of 30-50 points as a wedding ring, it is recommended to choose the high level when you choose the color clarity and cutting level. If you choose 3EX, this level of diamond ring will shine more. Even if it is a 30 -point diamond ring, wearing it on the ring finger is a scenery that no one can ignore.

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