September 30, 2022

5 thoughts on “Where can I buy a diamond ring in Shenzhen?

  1. Er.... Your request is indeed
    you can go to Zhongying street, Yantian, Shenzhen to have a look. The quality is good, and the price is relatively cheaper than others

  2. Water shellfish and field shellfish. I think you need them. If Shuibei and Tianbei don't have what you need, it's really hard to find a better place in Shenzhen.

  3. Davigny jewelry is absolutely in line with your requirements. I hope it can help you. Ha ha

    Nie Wenbiao, chairman of davigny (China) board of directors, won the title of "reform star - leading figure influencing China's industrial reform"

    on November 6, the 30th anniversary of China's reform and the promotion of reform star were announced in the Great Hall of the people. Nie Wenbiao, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Davidson (China), was awarded the title of "reform star" - the leader of the industry reform affecting China. Zhou Tienong, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, and He Guanghui, former Secretary of the Party group of the State Economic Reform Commission, presented awards to him

    this selection activity was sponsored by people's daily, China reform daily, economic daily, China enterprise daily and other media. It aims to focus on the reform process, show reform achievements, focus on reform stars and promote reform achievements. More than 200 provincial and ministerial level high-level officials, business leaders, high-level media and academic representatives attended

    as the leader of online diamond sales in China, Nie Wenbiao founded the davigny jewelry network to subvert the traditional jewelry sales model (the price is 30% - 70% lower than the market) with the "rapid supply chain", making jewelry popular and influencing and changing people's online shopping habits. He was honored as one of the "top ten innovators in China's economy in 2007"

    in order to solve the credit problem of the bottleneck of online shopping, he creatively cooperated with banks to create the BBC success model in the B2C virtual network economy: selling products to customers through "business bank". That is to say, all diamond jewelry products of davigny can be provided by industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Merchants Bank with interest free and service fee installment payment, which brings convenience and benefits to customers. Through the multi-channel expansion and innovation mode, the company has achieved a high-speed growth far beyond other industries. In October 2008, Forbes reported on davini for the second time under the title of "new road of e-commerce: From B2C to BBC", and highly praised the company for exploring a new road for China's e-commerce

    it is reported that Gao Shangquan, Yuan Longping, Wu Jinglian, He Zhenliang, long Yongtu, Liu Chuanzhi, Wei Wenbin, Yuan Geng and others have won the "star of reform".

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