1 thought on “Where can I buy gold or colorful rings in Kunshan? And price.”

  1. Now it seems that the price of gold is around 280. Many big supermarkets have some big supermarkets, such as Yi Chu Ailian, RT -Mart, there are counters. There are also several gold shops on Renmin Road. Only about 500 yuan, because it is only 1.9 grams, the price at that time is cheaper, you can buy it 600 yuan, you can buy 1.9 to 2 grams. Besides, I think the gold ring is small and beautiful. It looks like an outbreak. Hehe
    is cheaper, more than 100 ones are more than 200.300.400, and they are also very beautiful. Yi Chu Ailian's colorful ring style is not bad, you can go and see, huh, I wish you a happy with your girlfriend

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