1 thought on “Which diamond ring is good for Yutai or Getting Building?”

  1. Diamonds are regardless of brand and origin, and only rely on 4C to determine its price. 4C, "carat), cut (cut), clarity, and color (color". Briefly introduce 4C points: Color: Here we talk about white diamonds, from completely colorless to yellow, brown, and completely colorless diamonds are the most perfect white diamonds, which is very rare. Generally, customers choose a lot, and the naked eye seems to be white. There will be more on the F-G file [For specific visual effects, please refer to the figure below]
    cutting (cut): This is the key to the good or bad diamond, refers to The location of diamond cutting and processing, excellent cutting can fully reflect all light, exuding beautiful fire color without leaking light. Therefore, in order to ensure the shining of diamonds, it is best to choose cutting and polishing. The symmetry is the Excellent diamond, referred to as 3EX.
    Clarly: How much does the diamond contain. The less the contents, the better. It is usually observed under 10 times the large mirror, so you can buy it without seeing the precautions of impurities. The cost -effective naked eye is not visible to the level of flaws in VS, and the inner content may be seen at low, so VS levels are generally recommended. [For details, please refer to the figure below]
    carats: the weight of the diamond, that is, the size, this is completely determined based on your budget.
    The diamonds like these two brands should have a brand premium. For example, in general, the diamonds we have customized are about 10,000, and they may be slightly higher. As long as you recognize the diamond 4C, you don't need to pay too much attention.
    is still considered according to the hand shape of the wearer. I personally prefer some design styles, especially low -key

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