Alibaba's business model, target population, products and services, what are the profit models, core capabilities, business model, management model

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  1. DOTCOM is a good business model, and some companies have gradually reflected their advantages. In the past year, Alibaba's revenue has increased by 400%, and has achieved profitability. Moreover, she seemed to have just done a warm -up exercise. Alibaba's operating model follows a gradual process. First grasp the foundation, and then continue to capture new income opportunities during the implementation process. From the most basic settings for enterprises to the promotion of website promotion, and assist services for online trade credit, the order management of the transaction itself has continued to extend. The excellent profit model is in line with: the strength of profit, sustainable, and expanding. There is no unusual place to set up corporate sites or consider setting up corporate sites. But what is important is not to do, but how to do it. The gross profit margin of the setting up corporate sites has always been very high. The hosting of the website means that there is a continuity in income. This year, some production fees will be obtained, and the custody fees will be obtained next year. But few companies understand it as an important business because it is a highly discrete industry. You can calmly get one or more opportunities to produce corporate sites, but do not mean that you can get a lot. There are difficulties in income collection here. Some companies are mainly engaged in this business, and they often set their business on high -end customers. Alibaba is a large commercial community site, which means that she has the opportunity to contact many customers frequently. More importantly, she can successfully transform potential opportunities into real income. Alibaba's target audience will participate in many exhibition conferences such as Canton Fair every year. At this time, Alibaba's staff appears, and there are some low -cost promotion activities. Combining online and offline business promotion, practice has proved that it can effectively collect business opportunities. SMEs have a lot of expansion, which means that business processes and business scale are rapidly changing. Sometimes she may find a neighbor to help design a homepage, which may be enough at the time, but soon she had a higher demand, which exceeded the ability of the neighbors. Alibaba has the ability to provide all site solutions from low -end to high -end. She can get all the revenue in the growth process of the enterprise. The greater advantage is that the site of the commodity trading market -oriented site. Alibaba is just making an appearance homepage for the commodity trading market, and then linked it in its own classification directory. There is a site in the trading market. In fact, this site as Alibaba is the same site, which improves the opportunity to be retrieved. After all, web design is a business dense -intensive business. The website design is actually no different from developing applications. This is to say that there is an inherent needs of international transfer, which is the same as the story of Bandolore, India. This also explains why Alibaba concentrated her hand in Hangzhou with relatively low labor costs. In addition to the need for the brand, the implementation of the international transfer must also have corresponding institutional settings. Undoubtedly, Alibaba has always been in this direction.

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