Led wire lights are relatively simple to install when used in interior decoration

led line lamp wire connection method on both sides of the aluminum profile underside group line (underside group line cleaning a gap on each side of the aluminum profile of the line lamp requires a wire junction with a tail clip, flattening the tail clip to the aluminum profile opening, carrying the dysprosium line on the joint piece. In addition to ensuring seamless splicing, the bottom group of LED wire lights can also hide the wiring and power plug at the bottom of the lighting fixture, because the bottom group of cable lights are H-shaped chassis. The bottom line is more convenient, and the bottom group line is more elegant for engineering construction. addressable led strip manufacturer says customers are choosing this one these days! Bottom hidden wire connects wire light.

Led wire lights are relatively simple to install when used in interior decoration. There is 3M double-sided tape on the back of everyone's wholesale led row lights. When installing, you can immediately tear off the paper sticker on the surface of the 3M double-sided tape, and then fix the led light strip in the area where it must be installed, and press it flat with your hand. led line light is a power supply circuit structure composed of three led bulbs in series and parallel, which can be separated and applied independently according to every three led bulbs. How long do you have to apply for it? Can you cut your back? But you have to pay attention to the weld layer.

The service life of the general Led line lamp can reach more than 50,000 hours, and the excellent quality can reach about 100,000 hours. The factors that determine the life of ordinary LED wire lights are built-in ic and driver two levels, the better the quality, the longer the life. In addition, the LED line lamp does not have the problem of melting and breaking tungsten wire, so the service life is extremely long. Under the benchmark of the same lumen value, the energy consumption of LED line lamp is only 1/10 of that of fluorescent lamp and 1/4 of that of LED energy-saving lamp.

​Broadly speaking, in household lighting, 10w led lights can be used for about 100 hours and use less power, so they are more environmentally friendly. LED wiring is comparable to LED energy-saving lamps. LED wiring can be used for about 5 years before it needs to be replaced, while led energy-saving lamps need to be removed for about 2 years, thus led wiring has a longer service life. In these safety factors, led row lights are better than LED energy-saving lamps. Heavy metals in led energy-saving lamps exceed the standard, and led tube cracking will lead to environmental pollution and safety risks. But LED line light does not contain harmful metal materials, safety and environmental protection.

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