September 30, 2022

1 thought on “My friend said that buying gold jewelry is killed and does not buy gold inlapping jade. Why is this?

  1. It may be that ordinary gold -paired jade jewelry does not preserve it, and no one is willing to buy second -hand.
    I I can only think of this reason. I also bought some gold jewelry before. It is still a bunch of sad things, let alone. After that, I found the pawnshop and wanted to sell it when I was lacking. At that time, it was a golden ring and a gold necklace. The pendant of the golden necklace was a style of gold inlaid jade. The jewelry can only be worn by itself, you can't give away or you can take it out to sell it anymore. It is not auspicious, and I don’t know if there is this statement. Later, I asked again. Anyway, the second -hand gold inlaid jade basically can't sell.
    I do n’t know what other reasons. I personally feel that there is nothing wrong with Jin Jiyu ’s itself, but I do n’t think there are not many people who can really appreciate the gold now. Most people just want to buy a golden value. So if you put it from the perspective of investment, you are really better to buy a pure gold jewelry. I think your friends may consider investing in this aspect. I could n’t turn my hands after buying the golden jade for a few months, and I really haven't worn it. It is not a second -hand. And in fact, I think it is not good to invest in gold. Now it is not the era of frying gold. If you do n’t need to buy it, do n’t buy it.
    But I think this statement is not certain. This may be for ordinary quality gold inlaid jade, which is the material of jade. If you make a good piece of jade to make gold inlaid jade, I think this should be sold out, and it is also preserved, because even if people are unwilling to wear a second -hand, they can also collect them. There are not a few jade.

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