September 30, 2022

5 thoughts on “What black tech gadgets are suitable for gifts?

  1. What's better for the goods? Digital goods are worth considering

    recommendation 1. Nank Lite Pro Bluetooth headset

    Bluetooth headset may be the most used portable electronic product in this era except mobile phones. There are many kinds of wireless headphones, and the most used one is the wireless headset with charging box, also known as true wireless Bluetooth headset. Here I recommend this Nank South Ka Lite pro. The earphones are very beautiful. Perfect for gifts. The configuration is also quite high, and there is also a face for giving people. Qualcomm chip is used to support the latest Bluetooth 5.2 ceramic antenna, which is Trinity, with more stable signal and strong anti-interference,. The built-in game mode reduces the delay of entering the game mode by three clicks on the right ear, and it takes minutes to listen to the voice and defend the position. Of course, it is also very powerful to restore the original music. With the 13mm moving coil unit, the bass sense is enhanced and the voice expression is clear. Listening to songs and games is a very versatile headset

    recommendation 2. New horizon switch compatible controller

    among the game controllers, we all know that Nintendo's most outstanding and well-known exclusive game is the legend of Zelda: the rest of the wilderness. Many players also switch for this game. In addition, there are "Mario" and "Baoke dream" series games, which can interact with friends and play, and also add the charm of this game console. This one is cheaper than Nintendo, and it has a sense of body and is compatible with switch

    recommended 3. MacBook Air 2020 laptop

    the MacBook and mac mini with M1 chip launched by Apple at the end of the year have been blown up on all major platforms ~ for example, what kind of computer with video clip performance that kills tens of thousands of pieces, has a long battery life, does not heat, can install mobile phone and tablet app, etc. ~ I also need a laptop with strong performance and long battery life, so that I can write travel notes Process photos and videos. This gift is a little expensive. Of course, you can give it to yourself

    recommended 4. Smart speakers

    with the popularity of smart phones, some smart speakers that can control household appliances are gradually becoming popular in public life. This kind of product is a good gift choice for some young people. Tmall smart speakers tmall genie or MI's AI smart speakers are good choices. Tmall elves range from the low price of 99 yuan to the high price of 999 yuan, while Xiaomi's average is about 299 yuan. You can choose according to the gift recipients and product needs, and the choice space is relatively large

    recommendation 5. Dajiang mavic air2 unmanned aerial vehicle

    there is a mavic mini and a mavic air2 on hand. We must recommend air2 here because the price performance ratio of air2 is too high. Although Mini is much cheaper, it also lacks a lot of fun. For example, there is no intelligent tracking and one key short film. It is still troublesome for novices to manually track and surround

    for friends who want to play aerial photography, UAV is indeed an indispensable good toy, and can also be used to shoot materials and send vlog. Air2 is my most satisfied UAV at present, because it has achieved a balance in the six dimensions of price, portability, function, performance, endurance and image transmission distance. Therefore, I suggest that novices can start with air2 instead of mini. The wind resistance of mini is not good, and its functions are severely castrated. When I travel, I usually take it with me. I don't need a drone to take it for a trip.

    recommended 6. Xiaomi ax3600 router

    the ax3600 router is a revolutionary work of Xiaomi router. It has a high quality and high cost performance. Qualcomm ipq8071a processor, CPU quad core 1GHz, memory 512M. I never thought that after new year's day in 2021, the new model ax6000 will be launched, and the ax3600 will be lowered a lot. However, although the speed of the new ax6000 is improved, the CPU performance is not as good as that of the old model. At present, the ax3600 is very cost-effective

  2. I think our small speakers are not bad, and depending on how much money you have, rich people can send a tablet without blinking. If you don't have much money, you can send a projector, an intelligent typhoon, and a warm star sleep lamp. Flash gyro, etc.... All very good

    maglev ornaments

  3. Mobile phones, bracelets, robots and drones are all high-tech products that are very suitable for sending people. These things are high in technology, small in size, easy to carry and use, and have high practical value. Most people like them. So it is more suitable for gifts. Of course, if you want to give a gift, you should do what you can

  4. In fact, when it comes to giving people black technology, there are many, many products. Nowadays, all kinds of creative products are emerging in endlessly. A product does not have several functions integrated into one, and they dare not come out to make a fool of themselves. As a consumer, you can't just be dazzled by the novel and interesting functions. In addition to the novelty, the most important thing for people who spend money on things is practicality. Therefore, this time we will focus on the types of people. To put it simply, this time we will start from young to old

    I. children's watches

    when it comes to children's watches, many people will think of the most popular positioning children's watches. The watches have powerful functions and can be positioned, but the price is not cheap. However, the children's black technology watch I told you today is not a smart watch, but a watch made of special paper. What is interesting is that this watch can be waterproof

    among many metal, plastic and smart watches, PAPR watch can be regarded as a clear stream in the watch industry and is unique. The whole body is made of Tyvek artificial paper, which combines the strength of cloth and the lightness of paper. And has waterproof, anti fouling, anti tearing, anti ultraviolet and other functions. The most important point is that the weight of this watch is not as heavy as 6 gummy bears. PAPR watch is also easy to use. Click the display screen once to display the time, and long press for 3 seconds to display the date. Although it is very light and thin, the battery can be used for up to 2 years and can be replaced. Tear resistance is also a highlight of this watch. Don't think that paper is very fragile. It can be said that you can tear it up in every way, and I will stand still

    compared with smart watches, this kind of watch is cheaper. I've seen it on Taobao. It's only 20, and it's light and easy to bear on children. The key point is that it's not afraid of water or damage. It's only 20 yuan if it's broken. All these watches are very suitable for children to use as watches. Let children return to their original life and reduce the use of technology products

    II. Young people's portable printers

    there are many mini speakers that can be carried with them, but have you ever seen them that can really be "worn" as ornaments? The printer is compact, portable and pressure-free; Zero threshold printing operation requires only three steps to complete the operation and print out color photos, with a variety of printing templates built in

    this kind of printer has been followed up by major manufacturers. The size of this black technology printer is similar to that of ordinary rechargeable batteries. It can be easily grasped with one hand. This size, not to mention the pocket of clothes, can be easily put down even if it is a buttock pocket, and there is no pressure on travel. It's a good artifact for many young people who like to take photos. You can directly print the photos you like taken by your mobile phone. Moreover, the small printer also has many DIY functions, which is absolutely suitable for young people with great personality nowadays

    will this type of printer become a trend? At least I feel that I am lacking in demand, but I am not lacking in personality

    III. personal notebooks for professionals

    although smart phones are getting stronger and stronger now, their productivity is indeed lower than that of notebooks, and the office productivity of notebooks is indeed irreplaceable. Although the chip technology is upgraded, notebooks are getting smaller and smaller. For people with mobile office needs, ultranotebooks are a better choice, and smaller notebooks can be easily carried. Recently, GPD launched the GPD P2 max, which is known as the world's smallest ultrabook. It has a screen size of 8.9 inches. It uses the fourth generation Corning gorilla glass and retine display, with a screen resolution of 2560 × 1600, with 100% sRGB color gamut coverage and 178 degree wide viewing angle, it also supports 10 point touch, and supports touch and handwriting; The fuselage adopts aluminum alloy integrated molding design; In terms of performance, it is equipped with Intel Core m3-8100y processor, 8GB / 16GB lpddr3 memory and 256gb-1tb SSD solid state disk; Relying on the CPU integrated UHD graphics 615 core display, it supports 4K VP9 video decoding and can output 4K HD video through HDMI interface; The overall design looks a bit like Huawei's ultrabook, but it is smaller and more refined

    notebooks are getting smaller and stronger. For now, notebooks are still irreplaceable productivity tools

    IV. the old people's maintenance black technology

    in fact, there are many deceptive products about the maintenance products. For example, the micro body monitor is actually the psychological sensor matching algorithm of our sports watch, and for those messy things, but if you want to send them to the old people's maintenance products, you should accompany the old people more. The key is to understand the needs of the old people. Don't send them blindly, It may backfire. For example, for those elderly people who often do moxibustion, at this time we can give them Xiaomi ecological black technology product, Xiaoai intelligent moxibustion box. The advantage of this product is to solve some pain points and difficulties of moxibustion. The use of advanced technology of moxa cake in moxibustion can achieve smoke-free effect, and can also achieve intelligent control, heat insulation and avoid scald. Of course, if you think this thing is good, you should first understand whether it is suitable before sending it to the elderly. Moxibustion is still a medical treatment, so you should ask the doctor first

  5. Personally, I think Xiaomi smart home is all right. Tmall elves have a full sense of technology and can meet many needs.

    moreover, the electric toothbrush is not very popular now.

    it is suitable as a small gift

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