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  1. Bulgari is a high -end luxury. Founded in 1884, Bvlgari is the Italian jewelry brand. In 1879, Sodrio Bulgari immigrated to Naples in Italy. In 1884, he opened a silverware shop in Rome to sell exquisite silver sculptures.
    Pegeli is the essence of color design in jewelry production. It uses a variety of gems of different colors to match and combine, and then uses a base of different materials to highlight the dazzling color of the gemstone.
    The expansion information
    In 1857, Sotirio Bulgari was born in Greece and later became a silver artist.
    In 1881, Sorrio moved to Rome and started selling silverware in Trinità dei Monti.
    In 1884, Sorrio opened the first shop at Via Sistina 85.
    In 1894, the business address was migrated to a shop in Via Dei Condotti 28.
    In 1905, Bulgari officially opened at a boutique shop at No. 10, Via Condotti, Rome, and became a historic flagship store in Bulgari in the future.
    In 1932, Sodrio died and inherited his career to his two sons, Giorgio and Costani (), who bet their enthusiasm into the cause of precious gems and jewelry.
    1960s, Bulgari's design breaks away from the rigorous norms of the French college at that time, the essence of Greek and Roman classicalism, and was influenced by the Italian Renaissance and the 19th -century Roman artisan school, and gradually formed formation. The unique style of Bulgari.
    In addition to extremely precious, extraordinary and unique High Jewellry, many different jewelry series have also been successfully launched.
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  2. Bulgari belongs to the high -luxury brand
    Bulgari was born in the Greek silver craftsman's family. Later, he moved to Italy. He started the first shop on Sistina Street, Rome in 1884 to sell silver sculptures. In 1905, Sotirio
    Bulgari, with the assistance of his son and Giorgio, founded Bulgari Store in Via Condotti, is still a Bulgari flagship store.
    The second generation of the family business. After the end of World War II, it was decided to break away from the rigorous norms of the French Golden Artist Academy. Century Roman Golden Artist style has made a unique taste belonging to Bulgari, which is a major turning point in the history of Bulgari style. By the 1950s and 1960s, the style of Bulgari Innovative Big Cross won the hearts of many celebrities and movie superstars.
    1970, as brand awareness rose rapidly around the world, Bulgari entered the first stage of expanding international maps, and opened boutique stores in New York, Geneva, Mongolia Carlo, Paris and other places. Based on the foundation of the Gold Gong and Jewelry, Pokémon launched the brand's classic watch BVLGARI in 1977. In 1982, Bulgari
    time neuthâtel was established to design and make Bulgari watches. In response to the field of watches, Bulgari is unwilling to develop from the perspective of jewelry, and it is necessary to further move towards the road of professional watchmaking.
    Pegali has been actively promoting the vertical integration plan since 2000. Firstly, the merger acquisition of the table factory Gerald Genta and Daniel
    Roths part. In 2002, Bulgari obtained 50% of the top jewelry brand Crova, and then obtained all its shares in 2004
    . In 2005, the Bulgari Group acquired three other companies, including two Swiss watchmaking companies: Cadrans Design
    , which specializes in making dials for top watches, and Prestige Dor specializing in metal straps. In the same year, Bulgari obtained all the shares of the Italian leather goods company Pacini and renamed it Bulgari
    Accessori S.R.L. In 2007
    years, Bulgari has achieved fruitful results in the field of watching vertical integration in the field of watches. It has already possessed the ability of independent design, manufacturing, and assembly of movements, and created the first case of history.
    In 2009, the Bulgari Group launched the Sotirio Bulgari Quantième Perpétuel
    Watch. This is the first watch made by Bulgari. The movements and parts were all produced and assembled by Bulgari. The BVL 465 movement is completely developed by Bulgari. It has a transparent automatic tubular flywheel and perpetual calendar function.
    March 2011, LVMH Group announced that it had acquired Bulgari with 4.3 billion euros. LVMH will issue 16.5 million shares exchange of 152.5 million shares held by the Bulgari family, and the Bulgari family will also become the second largest family shareholder of the LVMH Group.

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  4. What grade, the elder brother in the jewelry industry, and the By the way, there is Cartier. It's very affordable to customize. Colleagues made one in Trifan Jewelry, and the quality is good

  5. It is the third largest jewelry brand in the world after Cartier and Tiffany, USA. In the production of jewelry production, the color of the design is the essence of the design. It uses a variety of gems of different colors to match and combine, and then uses a base of different materials to highlight the dazzling color of the gem.

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