buy jade jewelry india wholesale Can the registered company be virtual?

buy jade jewelry india wholesale

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  1. dune jewelry wholesale Many bosses register a company in Beijing. When choosing a registered address, because the actual address price is relatively high, they will choose a virtual address to be a registered address. Then today's enterprise helps Xiaobian to tell you whether the company's registration is reliable to choose the virtual address. Let's hope to help you bosses.
    . What is virtual registered address
    This "Virtual Registration Address" is that you do not need to rent an office to register a company, but provide you with the approval of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and the Taxation Bureau to provide you with a room. It is used to register for company registration, and its role is only used for Beijing industrial and commercial registration to handle business licenses, but you cannot register the address office service
    . Select whether the virtual address is reliable
    Actually, determine it, determine A company's registered address is not a problem for cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, because such a registered address is easy to find. For first -tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, it is more strenuous to find a company's registration address.
    Because of some special agreements, especially Beijing, it requires the company's registered address to be an office address.
    In other words, the company's registered address must be the address of the office house, not the address of the house.
    . So, for cities like Beijing and Shanghai, because there are many people in the company, the company's registered address and office address are limited. Therefore, it is difficult to find a suitable company registered address.
    and at the same time, where the office conditions are met, where the office address can be provided, the price is usually relatively high and the rent is relatively high. It is also a lot of capital pressure for the company.
    The so -called virtual company registration address appears. Many startups in reality are also solved by the company's registered address in this way.
    , then it should be noted that some companies operate by enterprises are special projects, and some virtual addresses cannot have special business projects.
    Secondly, some virtual addresses cannot meet certain tax requirements. Therefore, when registering a company, various projects need to consider the characteristics of the project itself. Whether the virtual address can meet the project requirements to select the company's registered address.
    Finally, in reality, the problem of inconsistent registered address and actual office address often occur. It is necessary to keep the registered address and office address as consistent as possible.
    . The operating scope of the address of the virtual address incubator
    Table products that can be developed by themselves; technical development, technical promotion, technical transfer, technical consulting, technical services; computer system services, basic software services; application software services; application software services; application software services; application software services; application software services (不含医用软件)、软件开发,软件咨询;产品设计、模型设计;包装装潢设计;教育咨询(中介服务除外);经济贸易咨询;文化咨询;体育咨询;健康管理;健康咨询;公共关系服务; Conference service; arts and crafts design; computer animation design; corporate planning; design, production, publishing, agency advertising; market research; corporate management consulting; organize cultural and art exchange activities (excluding performances); literary and artistic creation; undertaking exhibition and exhibition activities; Film and television planning; translation services; development and experimental development of natural sciences; development and experimental development of engineering and technical research and testing; development and experimental development of agricultural scientific research; development and experimental development; data processing (data processing (data processing bank card center, PUE value above 1.5 or more Except for cloud computing data centers).

  2. wholesaler jewelry distributors The registered company is now a subscription system. The registration capital subscription system is a reform measure of the industrial and commercial registration system. In accordance with laws, administrative regulations, and the decision of the State Council to obtain pre -licenses, in addition to national security and safety of citizens' lives and property, it will no longer implement the system for approval and re -industrial registration of the competent authorities. Commercial entities apply for registration from the industrial and commercial departments. After obtaining a business license, they can engage in general production and operation activities; for production and operation activities that need licenses, apply for business licenses and relevant materials to apply to the competent department for permission. Change the registration system for the registration capital to the subscription registration system, and relax other conditions for industrial and commercial registration. It was officially implemented with March 1, 2014.
    Ittically, registered funds do not need to be paid in actual! The industrial and commercial departments only register the total registered capital subscribed by the company, no need to register the actual capital, and no longer collect the capital verification documents.

  3. wholesale african cloth jewelry Do you register a company in a virtual world? If so, you should use virtual currency. If not, you can only show that you think too naive

  4. sw trading wholesale jewelry Registered capital is a concept of corporate law. According to the newly revised "Company Law" and related regulations, the registration management of "registered capital" has been adjusted from the "real -registration registration system" to the "subscription registration system". Regarding this change, how many are there? The key information that entrepreneurs must know:
    1. There is no time limit for payment of the real -time payment of registered capital. "If you have to add a period to this commitment", do not exceed the company's business period.
    2, the registered capital has not subscribed to the minimum limit
    3, the registered capital actually contributed by the shareholders, that is, the "revenue capital" in accounting! But also to formulate reasonable registered funds according to your own needs!

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