How do novices do liquor proxy business?

How to do liquor proxy business

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  1. Pay attention to the year of the liquor when agent.
    1. It is important to choose a liquor business for a brand. For investors, a good brand is the key to making money, as is the liquor industry. When choosing a brand, investors first need to conduct a market survey, and do a market survey of the local area. What brand of wine can local residents like and how much they can accept. Essence
    2. After investing in a liquor brand, the investor puts aside the winery, and he also needs to publicize some publicity according to your actual situation. At the same time, some activities of the winery must be pushed out in time. Brand image.

    3. Investors need to make scientific business planning for liquor they are in their agents. After the investor joined a brand, he had an exclusive management right in the local area. In the final analysis, the brand winery could only carry out some business methods and concepts.
    4. Investing in liquor agent requires its own specialty store or model room, so that customers can come to the door directly to watch and tastors. This is more conducive to sales and is also an important part of market research. [Click to learn about the wine product information and quotation of Zhuangzhuangzhuangzhuang]

    want more information about sauce -flavored liquor, recommend consulting the wine industry of Zhuangzhuangzhuang, Zhuangzhijiu advocates people and nature The harmony between wine and culture is always based on consumers as the core, advocating a healthy, moderate, and natural way of drinking; using wine as a carrier, making a bond of cultural confidant, drinking with wine, and diverse social cooperation, becoming a diversified social, becoming a diverse social network, becoming a diverse social interaction, becoming a diverse social interaction, becoming a multi -social interaction. The most valuable liquor brand in the minds of consumers.

  2. You only need to master the price and channels to make liquor agents. Channels and brands determine the price. The price of big brands is transparent. Whether it is a county or not, it is a home. If you need to choose a liquor agent to recommend the Guizhou Mao Shi original wine industry.

    But before the liquor agent, you can also [→ click to test if I suitable for making sauce and white wine to join]

    According to the county consumption situation, the county's wine is suitable for 30- At a price range of about 300, such liquor is better for sale. Packaging is grade, not competing with ordinary retail liquor, and good products for giving gifts. The manufacturer's supply is the best. For some niche brands of the wine, the less recognition of consumers in the market, the more difficult it is to open the market, the weak the more channel terminal retail points will be purchased. On behalf of the sales, the order will be considered after the purchase demand is opened, and this will also be pressed. Therefore, when choosing an agent, you must choose a big brand company.

    wants to learn more about the relevant information about liquor agent, and recommend consulting Guizhou Mao Shi original wine industry. Guizhou Mao Shiyuan wine industry has always adopted the brewing process of 12987. One production cycle per year, twice, nine cooking, eight fermentation, seven times of wine, a total of 30 procedures of 165 links. Reincarnation, high -temperature curvature, high temperature accumulation, high temperature distillation, and finally mixing with wine. After the hook, product hook, and hooking system, the ratio is carefully deployed, and then it can be available after 5 years.

  3. First analyze the integration of your own resources. How big you can integrate, how big your business is
    In the people around you to try, sell the wine to them, and see your own ability
    If you do too much payment, you will do it without more than 30,000, otherwise you will be troublesome when you are overlap. After all, your own money is not a good white wine agency project that is scraped by the wind. Many, you can also have an order, then send the goods
    . If you are interested in good projects, you can do it. What I do now is this

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