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  1. After China's rectification of direct sales in 1998, only ten companies obtained direct sales licenses, but even these ten companies are not in the complete direct sales business model, but have adopted the "store direct selling staff" model. In the current direct selling industry, direct selling companies include: Amway, Tien, Avon, Mary Kay, Southern Lee Kumji, Sunrider, Nu Shin, Perfect, Jiuji, and New Epolidament era. Among these ten companies, we will analyze its direct sales and brand strategies to make a reference for other Chinese companies that are about to enter the direct selling industry.

    1, Amway (amway) in 1959, a small town in Michelon in the United States -Yada City, was co -founded by Jewenwenlo and Richard Divis. In 1992, he entered the Chinese market and invested 100 million US dollars in Guangzhou to establish a production base. At present, the company's products have developed into more than 450 series, covering nutritional health products: Nutrilite, beauty cosmetics: Yazi, personal care products, home care products, and home durable products. There are more than 6,000 employees around the world and 3.3 million in marketers.

    A Amway uses multi -brand strategy in brand strategy. According to the different fields involved in its products, there are different brands in different fields, such as: Nutrition and health products are Nutrilite, beauty cosmetics and elegant cosmetics. Multi -brand strategy also means that companies need more energy and costs to manage and plan. From the perspective of expenses, it is a big problem. But Amway's multi -brand strategy has been established at the beginning of the company.

    Multi -brand strategy has three main benefits for Amway: First, there is a clear market segment to facilitate product promotion and sales; Theoretically is a modern enterprise that attaches importance to scientific research; the third is to adjust formulating formulas for different regional markets. Multi -brand strategy has made Amway great success in different regional markets. For example, Amway Nutrite, in the Chinese market, through government public relations and signed two world diving champions in Fu Mingxia and Tian Liang to join forces with the Chinese Olympic Legion, and then change the tradition of not advertising. It accounts for 1/6 of the Chinese health food industry.

    Multi -brand strategy allows Amway to show hands and feet in different fields. Different sub -brands rely on Amway, a large parent brand, and have achieved great development. But the multi -brand strategy is also dangerous, that is, each sub -brand needs to be successful, otherwise it is likely to hurt the parent brand. At the same time, the more brands, the greater the difficulty of management. If there is no perfect management system and advanced management methods, it is easy to get out of control while gaining rapid growth.

    2, Tielian Tianjin Tiens Group Co., Ltd., the product involves many fields such as health products, real estate, education, transportation, etc., its assets in mainland China have reached 1.25 billion yuan. In 1995, he was involved in the health care industry. In 1998, due to the country's one -size -fits -all policy of the direct selling industry, he walked overseas and vigorously expanded overseas markets. After joining the WTO in 2001, China returned to the Mainland market. Employee Wang Junping and dealer Luo Chao began the operation of the mainland market.

    By June 2002, Tiens have built nearly 100 directly -affiliated branches in 86 countries around the world. With the Human Resources Network formed by nearly 3 million business personnel, it is organically combined with Tiansi International Interconnection Website, Tiansang International Education Network, Tiens International Capital Operation Network, and Tiansi International Tourism Network.

    I. As China's largest direct selling company, Tiens does not seem to move much in brand building. Although we are not very clear about the specific product brand of Tianshi, we are the mother brand of Tiens Group. But almost no one didn't know. From the perspective of consumer emotional migration, because consumers' confidence in Tiens Group also naturally relocated to all products produced by Tiens. The strategic operation of Tiens 'corporate brand brand not only saves a lot of costs for the marketing promotion of sub -brand, but also establishes the concept of "Tiens the highest" in consumers' minds. It is a strategic height that is difficult to reach by other companies. However, there is also a great danger of this main corporate brand. Once the enterprise is frustrated or crisis in a certain field, it is likely to affect other fields of the enterprise and cause a vicious reaction of chain.

    3, AVON (AVON) was established with 1886, and in 1939, its founder David McConnell renamed a small river named "AVON" in Shakespeare's hometown named "AVON". , Always use it to this day.

    Afang is currently only developing in the beauty and cosmetics industry, concentrating on professionalism, but instead the most and strongest. In 2001, it was rated as "the world's most valuable brand 100" in the United States "Business Week", and it is also the only selected beauty cosmetics brand. From entering the Chinese market in 1990, to now Avon has gone through 14 years, and has also experienced the ups and downs of the Chinese direct sales market. After the "4.21" incident in 1998, Avon was also forced to transform. Take the business model of "store sales".

    It on Avon's brand strategy, we can clearly see that its corporate brand is the same as the product brand. This overlapping brand strategy is only suitable for corporate positioning focusing on a certain market. Like Avon, the concept of "Avon = Beauty Cosmetics" has been established in the minds of consumers. If you want to expand to other non -related fields, it is bound to be limited. At this point, a domestic company in China is the best negative example. Of course, if it is a related field, it has a certain relationship or may be able to succeed.

    4, Mary Ka (Mary Ka) is the first employment salesperson (beauty consultant) for employment salesperson (beauty consultant) approved by official departments such as the Ministry of Foreign Economic and Trade of China, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Trade Bureau Professional cosmetics direct sales company. Since 1998, Mary Kay has transformed its sales model from a complete direct sales to the "store employment salesman professional" model, and opened its Chinese website in June 2003. Expand online business opportunities.

    The company has 9 product lines and more than 200 products. Its products are mainly in the field of skin care products and cosmetics. The product line is divided into different brand series according to consumer groups and specific functions, namely: Phantom, Mary Kai, Whitening, Qiao Yan.

    From the perspective of existing product brands, Mary Kay has taken a multi -brand strategy. In this multi -brand strategy, its corporate brand and product brands have a certain overlap. This is subject to it. Founder Mary Kai Ai Shi was restricted when starting a business. After a certain scale in the Mary Kay company, it is trying to expand its original product brand line to enrich the original product line, so there are three subsequent brands. But the current Mary Kay we talk about refers to corporate brands rather than specific product brands. Mary Kay's decision in the initial brand strategy and the fields involved in the field limits its development in other fields, but instead force it to make skin maintenance and makeup fields bigger. Achieve "the career shared by women worldwide."

    5, Southern Lee Kum Kee in the south of Li Jinji, the full name of "Guangdong Southern Li Jinji Nutrition Health Products Co., Ltd.". It was established in 1992. It was established by Li Jinji Group to cooperate with China First Military Medical University. He relies on Li Jinji Group, who has already developed a history of 110 years, and is committed to developing China's Chinese herbal medicine. The enterprise adopts a single brand strategy. At present, there is only one brand of "infinite" in Li Jinji, Southern Li Jinji, and producing health series products. Adaptation oral solution ".

    Limoning in the southern Li Jinji adopted a business business strategy and positioning strategy for professional products in the professional field. Due to the influence of this business idea, its product brand strategy is the same. Only in the development of Chinese herbal medicines, the main promotion of a brand, so that the southern Li Jinji can concentrate a large number of manpower, material resources and energy to be bigger and thorough. Relying on the strong background of the group, the single brand strategy of Li Jinji in the south is exactly that it can be in a short time in a short period of time One of the reasons for rapid development.

    6, Sunrider was founded by Dr. Chen Defu, a Chinese American, in 1982. The product covers: natural food (including health food), skin care cosmetics, personal care products and home cleaning supplies. More than 200 products. Enterprises enter China in 1993. In 1998, they followed the Chinese government's policies and transformed from direct sales to wholesale and retail.

    Xian Niled's products are mainly in the field of herbal health food. In terms of brand strategy, the company's brand brand is mainly promoted by the display of corporate brands. Move to all products produced by Xiandide. As a direct selling company, this is a very cost -effective brand business strategy. Can save a lot of promotion and publicity costs for enterprises. But the risk also exists, once accidentally, it will affect the entire enterprise.

    7, NU SKIN, the United States, a new company was established in 1984, and in 1998, the United States Ruxin Enterprise Group was established in China, a wholly -owned subsidiary of China: Shanghai Ruxin Daily Health Products Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Entry like New). It can be seen from its business name as the main business scope of the new company: nursing products and nutritional health products. It mainly involves skin care series, hair series, oral series, body series, etc. The same field has different uses of specific uses, and there are different sub -brand brands. In this way, there are three levels of brands from new corporate brands to sub -brands: corporate brands -field brands (such as skin care series) -The sub -section Brand (wet cream). A multi -level multi -product strategy is formed. In this strategy, in the specific application, the tactics of decorating the lower -level brands are used, and the focus of brand promotion is on the corporate brand level. Reputation and loyalty.

    8, Perfect Zhongshan Perfect Daily Products Co., Ltd., with the approval of the Ministry of Health, produces "healthy" health food with immune regulation function -perfect aloe vera mineral crystals.

    The product is also the main product of the perfect company. In terms of product naming, its company brand name, category brand name, and product brand name, all three levels are all merged into one, using single -brand and single -layer brand strategies.

    9. Jiuji Guangdong Jiuji Daily Health Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. The company advocates "excellent experts excellent theory = excellent products". Middle -aged and elderly people.

    The sales team of Jiuji is also mainly based on middle -aged and elderly people. In terms of brand planning, enterprises have no obvious actions. They are product research and development and production -oriented enterprises. Enterprises have a large number of experts, relying on excellent product quality, through direct sales models, using the image and reputation of experts, they have stabilized the heel in the health care product market.

    10. Established in 1980 in the new era and originally belonged to the Chinese defense industry. In 1999, the company was transferred to the State Council by the army and became an important backbone enterprise directly under the central government. Enterprises have unique experience and technologies in the research and application of pine pollen. The main products are pine pollen series of health products.

  2. Enterprises are relatively low -key in brand operation, and it is difficult to see any big moves. rnrn从上面十家直销公司的品牌模式分析中,我们可以看出,主要有单品牌战略:以雅芳为代表与多品牌战略:以安利为代表两种;无论是单The brand strategy is still a multi -brand strategy. In the specific implementation, the two modes should be said to be profitable, but the key is to which model of the company's own conditions.

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  4. In our country, direct sales need to be approved by the Ministry of Commerce and register in the industrial and commercial administrative organs. In the direct sales management system of the Ministry of Commerce, the legal list of corporate companies can be found.

    This of the State Council
    The "Regulations on the Management of Direct Sales"
    It 9 Applicants shall apply to the competent business department of the State Council through the province, autonomous region, and municipality. The competent commercial departments of the province, autonomous region, and municipalities shall submit the application documents and data to the competent business department of the State Council within 7 days from the date of receiving the application documents and materials. The competent business department of the State Council shall make a decision to be approved or not approved within 90 days from the date of receiving all application documents and information from the date of receiving all application documents and materials. If it is approved, the State Council's competent business department of the State Council issues a direct sales license.
    The applicant holds a direct selling business license issued by the State Council's business department, applying for changes to the industrial and commercial administrative department in accordance with the law.
    This competent business department of the State Council shall review and issue direct sales business licenses, and it shall consider factors such as national security, public interests, and the development of direct sales.

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