How to choose a gaming gaming chair for home use?

My boyfriend will have his birthday in a few days. In the past few years, I would give him a belt, wallet, shirt, etc., but this time I don’t want to give such things. I want to give some meaningful things to commemorate us. In the past few years of acquaintance, after thinking about it, I really don't know what to give to make it more meaningful.

My boyfriend is an IT worker. He spends 2/3 of the day working in front of the computer. Every day when he comes home, he always suffers from back pain. I wonder if it would be better if I had a suitable chair. I asked a few friends who often play computer games, and they said that the gaming chair is not bad, and it is very comfortable to sit on, even if the time is long, it will not be uncomfortable. So I decided to buy a gaming chair for my boyfriend as a birthday present.

After receiving the item, I was very surprised! The packaging is too big! The packaging must be very stable and tight. It seems that the manufacturer is really careful! Outside the exquisite outer packaging, I think the inside should be good, and it is only a matter of internal and external repair. it's the best.

Open the outer package and see how the inside is laid out. The bottom is the cushion of the gaming chair, and next to it are two small pillows for the waist and neck, like screws, universal wheels, wrenches, seat adjusters, Some small parts such as air rods are placed in a cardboard box, and each part is wrapped in an outer packaging bag, and there are foam and plastic wraps on the large parts to prevent wear and collision during transportation.Check out related testimonials:Best Gaming Chairs 2023 under $300

Take a look at what this very comfortable chair is made of! Chair back, seat cushion and armrest, seat adjuster, five-star stand, M8 hexagonal wrench, M6 hexagonal wrench, universal wheels, side cover, air rod, anti-corrosion Dust cover, M8 screw, M6 screw, waist pillow, headrest.

There are so many accessories, don't be afraid, the installation is very simple, even novices can get started right away.

First of all, take out the sponge in the box and spread it on the floor, and put the five-star foot upside down on the sponge to install 5 wheels. Then turn the five-star base upside down and insert the air rod, and then put on the dust cover. Then use M8 screws to connect the backrest and the right side of the seat together. Then use a wrench to remove the 4 M8 screws pre-installed on the backrest. Then put the left adjuster close to the left side of the backrest, and lock the 4 M8 screws on the side. Then use the M6 hex wrench to lock the side cover.

Be careful to use M6 screws. Note here that the lid on the right is curved, and the lid on the left is straight. Then pick up the chair and place it face down as shown. Then use 4 M8 screws to lock the tray to the iron frame at the bottom of the chair. After the installation is complete, I will personally experience it first. The backrest of this gaming chair can be adjusted. First pull the adjustment lever fully and let the body slowly tilt back until the desired angle is reached, and then slowly return the lever to its original position. starting point. Make sure the lever locks back into place.

In addition, the armrest adjustment of this gaming chair presses and holds the corresponding button, and adjusts accordingly to adjust the angle, just press any direction on the top of the armrest, wherever you press, the armrest will be adjusted to which side. There is a handle at the bottom of the seat to adjust the height of the seat. At the same time, the handle can also be pulled up and returned to its original position. The lowest angle of the chair feels almost 180 degrees! The highest is close to 90 degrees, which is convenient for various body sitting positions. Adjust the sitting posture of the body.

After I finished the experience, my boyfriend also experienced it, saying that this gaming chair is really comfortable. Generally speaking, it has a high-end business style, and the calm black chair body is especially suitable for business people. It shows the quality of life. The chair body is made of human body Ergonomic design, comfortable sitting, relieves muscle fatigue and releases your stress after sitting for a long time. The widened soft-surface armrests and seats can be switched freely. Makes me sit up like I'm sitting on grass! Very comfortable.

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