How to make men enjoy sex more? Is contraception safe during the Safe period?

How to make men enjoy sex more? So many women look reserved during sex, don't know how to initiate it and make sex seem dull, so how do you make men enjoy it more? Let a 2 foot sex doll tell you.

How to make men enjoy sex more

1. Call out the orgasm

Orgasm is what every woman wants, and every man wants a woman. ​Numerous women suffer during orgasm, afraid of the sound of their own voice. But the fact that men prefer to listen to women's voices is an affirmation of their abilities. So, when he gives you a pleasant feeling, you might as well call out. It's a recognition of him, but it's also a response. But remember not to fake it. Because in the long run, that's not the way to go. If you're not pleased, but pretend to have an orgasm, the man will continue to repeat the wrong action next time. When he gets used to it and you get him to shift, guys get crushed.

2. Women take the initiative

When it comes to sexual skills, men occasionally want women to take the initiative. Especially when men are tired, women taking the initiative can make men like sex more. On top of that, women are more active and more likely to have an orgasm. For example, a woman's style, adopting this pose, can be doubly stimulating for men. Female control melody, can let the male empty-handed touch the female chest, buttocks, this is a kind of sensory stimulation; ​women's movement can also have a visual impact on men.

3. Get to know each other's bodies

Women are more sexually shy because of traditional beliefs. Everyone's sexual preferences and feelings are different, especially men. If you want to understand his preferences, you have to look closely: he breathes heavily when you touch him; ​how you kiss him, he will groan gently; ​when he holds you tight and wants to make a move..​ Watch him a few times, you'll recognize him, and they'll work together. Men also want women to understand, so that men can enjoy sex better.

4. New sex tricks

Perfect sex is not fixed, but achieved through a variety of fresh patterns. If the way of sex remains the same, it will be dull even if you reach orgasm every time. The same is true for men. ​Numerous times, they are eager to try different sexual skills, but they worry that women won't accept them. ​Therefore, a woman might as easily take the initiative to try a different position. It will bring him unexpected surprises.

Two, contraception related knowledge

1. Safe period contraception is safe

Fact: Calculated safety periods and extracorporeal ejaculation are commonly named natural birth control, which sounds great, but the actual results are not flattering. Do you know that a woman's ovulation date is affected by numerous factors, is not as accurate as a clock, and men tend to have sperm enter the woman's vagina before ejaculation begins, thus the chance of pregnancy increases. Can this method be considered safe? It is advisable to abandon this approach.

2. There is no danger of coming once in a while.​

The Truth: Sometimes fate is so unfair, some people try to have a child may not get it, some people seldom meet but may blossom, so don't take any chances, healthy sperm and eggs at the right time and place means a fresh life is about to be born, if an abnormal pregnancy can lead to a really dangerous ectopia pregnancy, abnormal newborns are born, Can't ignore you every time!

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