Can sexual novelty excite both partners?

How do you bring a woman to orgasm? Perfect sex isn't simply about you being able to orgasm. You need two people to have an orgasm. So how do you give a woman an orgasm? The following Adult Sex Dolls collection will introduce you.

Essential sexual skills for men

1. Get to the root of the problem

There are numerous reasons why women can't be successful. ​Perhaps it's not sufficient foreplay, perhaps it's not the right sexual skills, or you don't last long enough. But only women understand what these problems are. ​Therefore, find time to talk to her in a private space about what went wrong. If not sufficient foreplay prevents her from getting pleasure, she should increase the amount of caressing and prolonging the foreplay; ​if the sex skill is not correct, choose the right one; ​if you don't last long sufficiently, you can use sexual products to solve the problem, but it should be noted that women invariably have a tough time with such problems. We should have sufficient patience, soft tone, let her talk about the problem.

2. Encourage her to talk about problems

Don't think of sex as a personal thing. Perfect sex is a two-person thing. It takes two people to create. ​Occasionally women are not pleased, but in order to satisfy a man's self-esteem, they frequently choose to suffer alone. But in the long run, it will aggravate the conflict between them. Therefore, we also need to communicate and solve the problem of how to speak out boldly. Women tend to be passive in this area, afraid of speaking up and affecting each other's feelings. Therefore, you need to tell her that you're glad she raised the issue and work it out together. Sexually, you're also in the exploratory phase. Only by continually identifying and asking questions can you better solve them. When she doesn't have this psychological barrier, your sex will be considerably better.

3. Pay attention to the backplay

​Occasionally, a woman is not pleased because you are not great at it, or because the foreplay is not great, but because you are not paying attention to the part of the back play, so she is not pleased. In fact, sex is a highly physically draining thing. Men want a decent night's sleep afterwards. But at this time, the woman's happiness did not fade. Therefore, when such a problem arises, you should take the initiative to communicate with her to find out if there is a problem here. If so, tell her what you think and be on the lookout for the next intercourse. If you're tired, hold her and tell her you want to take a break and you can work things out, too.

2. Effective sexual skills

1. Sexual novelty arouses passion on both sides.​

Sex requires constant innovation. Only with innovation can we maintain the freshness of sex and never feel bored. Let her know you're a huge risk taker! Don't be limited by tradition. Many people forbid fresh attempts and searches, not because it causes physical pain, but because of psychological barriers. One of the most sexually arousing issues is watching the other masturbate; ​not only is this not insulting, but it can improve your sex life by making both partners more aware of your partner's most sensitive areas.

2. Taking protective measures can move women

If you don't plan to have children, always remember to use protection. Women are easily moved by men taking protective measures. Remember to choose a reliable condom. Women may feel disrespected and hurt by men refusing to wear condoms. In addition, if they get pregnant unexpectedly and have to have an abortion, it will do great harm to the women physically and mentally. Not only will it affect her future orgasmic experience, but it will also damage her physical and mental health.

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