I want to learn dubbing, but I do n’t know what the employment situation in this industry is?

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  1. First of all, I hope that everyone can recognize that dubbing is a job, so the training class is basically a kind of professional training,

    is not a talent class. So if you are still studying at school, you must consider whether you need to accept

    "Occupational Training"!

    Come again, the voice actor is the actor- "Actor of the Voice". Our dubbing work is to act with sound

    , so those who want to engage in this industry must realize this It is considered a "acting career", so if you are an in -service person

    The "thorough" conversion runway. When the scholars choose the department, you can consider the radio and television department or the drama

    The drama department, but whether it is a transition track or a drama, this is a great determination, because if you send it halfway

    The time it takes is in vain, everything has to come from scratch!

    ok! Suppose you are determined to be a voice actor, how to get the next step? I have said that the voice actor is acting

    . Therefore, whether it is participating in the training class or what department is in the future, it is important not to make yourself "match

    sound "Member", and cultivate yourself to become an actor! "Actor of Sound" is very important. I think this is also the ultimate goal of all the


    How to be an actor of the sound? Is the actor after graduating from the drama department? The training class has been the voice actor

    ? Of course, everyone knows that this is impossible. Learning dubbing and follow -up is a necessary experience, because

    in the classroom is "method", the real "kung fu" must be "actual combat" to obtain experience to gain experience Essence How long should I follow the class? This

    is not necessarily. It depends on personal qualifications, just like playing Game. Even if you have secrets, you still have to go in person

    People may pass the level soon, some people spend a long time before passing the level, and even some people play at

    half of them will give up, and even if they pass the level The key to click

    is based on basic kung fu. Imagine that a person who has never played video game and a video game veteran game

    Will you pass the level first?

    Indeed, the follow -up of the class takes time. If it can only be in short time, it is not impossible, but it will be lengthened from

    And the opportunity will become less (in the past, we were fixed with most of the dramas with a foreman), and it was best to fix the

    If you have a considerable foundation, the anti -

    The should be flexible, I believe there will be a chance, the dubbing work is very hard, every day is following the time

    Therefore, the foreman will hope to bring a student who can be online soon, otherwise he will spend too much time

    The teach students (maybe you may not sleep enough time). help. Therefore, if your base

    is solid in terms of success, and the chance of relatively success is higher.

    What is the basic skills of the voice actor? The following is the excerpt from the lecture part of my teachings in Taiwan. I provide reference

    . Because the details are not in a few words, I can not say it. :

    In the training of the dubbing staff

    light, heavy, urgent, slow, inhibitory, raising, losing
    The respectable guide taught me "Eight Character Proverbs"
    means reading an article aloud, or sentences must include these eight -character motto

    The premise, to remind you here that dubbing is a kind of acting art, so creativity is very important.

    A unprecedented actor will not succeed.

    Basic skills
    音 ---- Pronunciation, pronunciation
    Mandarin (or Taiwanese) correct pronunciation and pronunciation, develop the habit of checking dictionary, do not read side by side, do not read side by side, do not read side by side. I have not read

    , there is no middle editor, don't be confused!

    Reading ability ---- Quick reading
    We in order to complete the work within the time limit, so the efficiency is required. R n, clearly knowing your own drama, NG will be less and the speed of work will be faster.

    The understanding-Plot analysis, tone, increase or decrease draft
    This refers to the understanding of the plot, because the dubbing is not previewed in advance. To

    The expression of joy and sorrow immediately, to meet this standard, in addition to the accumulation of experience, it is a little bit of "cell

    " or "drama cells".

    The flexible response ---- Mouth skills, keywords, hearing, eyes to — heart to
    You must look at the manuscript, earphones with earphones listening to the original

    The reference sound and sight staring at the picture. The line immediately tells the lines at the moment of the character's mouth.
    too fast and too slow to adjust the speed. At the same time, the tone and emotions must be performed just right. The time of the voice actor.

    If imitation ---- sound change, village, foreigner, foreign language
    Sometimes in order to cooperate or highlight the role of foreigners in the play, the voice actor must speak foreign language or foreign Mandarin Mandarin.

    It do not know that foreign languages ​​sometimes must be imitated immediately. The actor was originally playing and imitating others, so the imitation power also

    is the basic element of becoming an actor.
    It is that it may encounter parts that need to sing. People who have more talents will always add points on work (or income)


    Professional knowledge ---- Working process, professional terms, equipment use and understanding
    dubbing is a very unique industry, so some professional knowledge in the work must be understood before he can do more with less.

    The absolute interest and determination, and continuous self -training, comprehensive absorption (for example: various industries, situations,

    Those who are determined to engage in this industry must have a serious attitude, study hard, and think about a successful acting

    how long does it take to achieve it? If you want to stand in any industry, basic training is an important first

    step, don't be greedy for quickness. In addition, no matter what industry you want to engage in in the future, the study of humbly, humility and constant

    is very important, and there is "persistence". n
    The bottlenecks of the bottleneck will be given up.

    Mothing like newcomers want to enter this line? right! I tell you, it's hard!
    The dubbing line is indeed not easy to come in. All of them are shallow voice distributors for less than five years. In order to be regarded as a professional voices, as for the so -called senior voice actors

    for more than 20 years. So many people make the dubbing very simple, "It's just talking! ", Such as

    It really so simple, the dubbing world will not always be assigned by those people.

    It will be a bit disappointed or discouraged after reading such a comment? In fact, don't be discouraged. Nothing will be created by

    In the time when we see the success of success, most of them are just seeing his success, but he previously

    's efforts (in all aspects) we are not easy to see, so if we want to succeed, we will start working hard now! Also

    M: It takes three or five years, but it is better than lamenting a lifetime! However, I do n’t recommend too young children now

    It participation in training courses, because the experience of life is not enough, and the role that can be matched is limited. nThe audio, and the time to spend is not proportional to the achievements of money and achievement.

    The voice actor is a free actor like a free actor. It does not belong to any company. The salary is paid by the piece, that is, if you have the money, you do n’t have a full -time bonus

    , there is no year -end bonus (some bad customers will not give it at the end of the year, it becomes a "year -end bonus") There is no pension (

    The dubbing person to make financial planning for his retirement), without any subsidy (if you join the union, wedding funeral hi

    A little gift at the festival), Labor and Health Insurance can participate in the union or find a home company by themselves. Students have no salary with

    The duration (so you have to make a lot of determination and sufficient economic backing)! The dubbing fee is mostly two months later

    talent (cash, ticket, not necessarily). Some temporary individual cases are equipped with the on -site collar.

    working hours- (most) Monday to Saturday, early class 09: 30 ~ 12: 30, middle class 13: 00 ~ 17:30, evening

    18: 00 ~ After recording (John 23:30) The lunar calendar must be holiday. "No class", but it depends on the studio and work progress. There is

    people will ask, "Isn't this no holiday?" This refers to the time you have to cooperate when you receive the class, such as

    When you arrive in the class, 365 days of that year, every day on vacation!

    The above is a reply from all parties to ask people who want to be a voice actor. I hope this simple return

    This answers can provide some help!

    Than brother 2004.3.1

  2. As a dubbing worker, the work that can be engaged is not just the dubbing of film and television works. Now, with the rapid strike of the Internet, many websites provide a lot of job opportunities for the voiceworkers. The status of a media worker will gradually increase, and dubbing will also be an industry that needs talents.
    Dubbing the status quo:
    dubbing is the process of adding sound to the film. Dubbing includes animation dubbing, advertising dubbing, special dubbing, multimedia dubbing, courseware dubbing, film and television drama dubbing, etc. The dubbing industry includes professional voice actors and non -voices. Among them, professional voice actors, also known as professional voice actors, refer to those who have received dubbing training and voiced as their profession, and are specifically for people who are filming the audio, television, animation, foreign language programs, and behind -the -scenes sound.
    The domestic voice actors are from the troupe. Some colleges (such as Communication University of China, Zhejiang Media College) and television stations also provide specialized broadcasters and voice actors courses. The older generations of "Zoro" and "Robin Han" "" Robin Han "" "Robin Han" and "Robin Han", the older generation, are still deeply rooted in the hearts. Many film and television celebrities have also participated in the dubbing army, and Jackie Chan, He Yan, Xie Na, Yuquan, etc. have also begun to voices some foreign cartoons.
    If you want to be a voice actor, broadcasting, host, dubbing pseudo -sound, radio anchor, you want to make your words good, listening, and listening to your friends, a article may make it difficult for you Come to this Q group, the first is 829, the middle is 704, and the last is 451. Open your broadcast art road from zero basis ~
    every cartoon cannot be separated from the dubbing
    animation and anime dubbing creation creation It is an important way to express words.
    Words are the best ways to insight into human mind. Words not only reflect the sound of an image in the cartoon, but also reflect the quality and insights of the dubbing itself.
    The cartoon can be praised by the audience and attractive, and the effect of words is very important. The art internship notice us, the dubbing staff should experience the characters with the heart, and use their own true feelings to interpret the character's joy and sorrow.
    The animation and animation industry is in the stage of prosperity in China. Although it starts early, many excellent dubbing performance artists have emerged. They beautify everyone's days with sound. , Cracking down on fake, ugly, and evil, their characteristic sound left unforgettable memories for generations.
    The small crayons, big -headed sons, and little heads that everyone can say casually. The success of these characters is probably due to the wonderful voices.
    TO many professional personnel are engaged in dubbing work today, and they have made a huge contribution to the voices of animation. This is a very good development trend. Because the work of dubbing is a kind of speech creation. Therefore, grasp the voice -over skills, and use the sound to describe and reflect the character image to the audience.
    In order to describe the different emotional words of different animated characters, enhance the five -colored speech reflection. The animation dubbing should grasp some emotional words, such as crying, laughter, etc. In describing characters, they often encounter special emotions such as crying and laughing, and these must also be naturally revealed in the dubbing.
    we need to hear a variety of sounds every day, so each cartoon requires the voice actors for dubbing, because the nature of the animation and anime itself is different from the movie and TV series. Therefore, if the cartoons are not dubbed, they will lose the soul of the cartoon.

  3. If you have not passed the professional guidance, you ca n’t pick up the work of dubbing ...
    Igly, I suggest you find a professional institution for consultation, such as heart and salary, they have entry voice evaluation, first see if you are suitable for you to do this. Let's talk about it. And good students will also give the recommendation of the recommended business, don't it meet your requirements?

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