3 thoughts on “Is it good to go to Hong Kong to learn finance?”

  1. Hong Kong has always been one of the world's financial centers. Almost all world -renowned banks, investment institutions and insurance companies have set up headquarters or branches in Hong Kong. It is very convenient for the financial industry to enter the global financial system and multinational financial institutions in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's demand for financial talents is very large, so there will be a very good prospect for financial majors. Hong Kong's financial professional diploma also has a high gold content. If it is returning to the Mainland for employment, it also has great advantages.
    I Hong Kong colleges and universities basically open up financial majors, and there are many detailed branches, such as: finance; investment management; fintech; international banks and finance; finance and mathematics. Students can choose the most suitable major according to their actual situation.

  2. Studying finance in HK is still good. On the one hand, HK itself is one of the international financial centers. Financial majors have an international advanced level. On the other hand, HK's financial industry is very developed, and there are many opportunities for employment after graduation. You can learn a lot of international financial experience. In the future, you will work more in other places. Of course, your own road still needs to decide yourself, and my answer is for reference only. I hope this answer can help you.

  3. Going to Hong Kong to learn finance is good or not, I think the key is to see if you are personal, as long as you say that the major is successful, then I said that this major is good

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