3 thoughts on “After using the gift plus applet, is there a lot of gifts in it?”

  1. Scan the code on the street to give gifts, you may encounter N kinds of situations, beware of fraud
    author: Plan the Lion Class
    Is you may encounter this situation in various cities, scan the code to give gifts, and give gifts. Attracting many people to participate. Today, planning the lion will count the N type of N -kind of giving gifts for you. Some activities may have risk fraud.
    Ip: Scan the code group
    As long as you scan the QR code, your WeChat will be logged in on the remote server, which is equivalent to your WeChat login on another iPad. According to the system set up by the system, automatically start forwarding the circle of friends, automatically start commenting on the circle of friends of others, automatically pay attention to the public account, and even your mobile phone number will be extracted to the background. The system operation background can directly see your mobile phone number information.
    Operating risk: After scanning the code, your information is obtained by the merchant. When you don't know, the system will automatically publish various advertisements in your circle of friends. Great risks, such as publishing all kinds of false advertisements for people you are familiar with, get your chat history through iPad, many personal information. Think about it, your WeChat login is on someone else's iPad. If you operate it, you know how terrible it is!

  2. In today's society, giving gifts for festivals has become an indispensable etiquette in interpersonal relationships. Submitting gifts appropriately can not only express the sound, but also consolidate and strengthen the good relationships that they already have. But choosing gifts is a tricky thing. In order to help users solve this problem, get new sales channels, and gift mall applets have emerged.

    What are the functions of the development of gift mall applet?
    1. Gift Encyclopedia
    Gifts also have a lot of knowledge. Depending on the objects, different gifts are given. There are a lot of knowledge of gifts, and there are many etiquettes of gifts. When users use applets, they can learn more about gifts, thereby increasing the appropriate gifts.
    2, commodity display
    Mascape can display product information through a small program platform, users can directly search the goods through keywords, or they can choose gifts carefully according to product prices and types. After selecting your favorite gifts, you can order directly in the applet. The merchant can pack the gifts according to the user's requirements, and then mail it directly to the place specified by the user.
    3. Consultation feedback
    When the user does not know what gifts to give, you can consult customer service in the small program platform to briefly introduce your own situation. After checking the customer service, you can provide a certain reference plan to the request for help.
    4, Member Center
    Puke registered mini -program members, you can conduct consumer points accumulation and redeeming gifts such as members. Merchants can push their blessings to users during the arrival of various holidays to awaken the precipitated old customers.
    If you have the needs of small program development, welcome to consult a trot technology. Trip technology has experienced 100 people through 10 years of Internet development experience. Obtaining CCTV's "Brand Power" certification enterprise, national high -tech certification enterprise, more than 30 project software development copyright certificates, and establishing development cooperative relationships with well -known enterprises such as Libai Group, Meiyijia Group, Wanli Group, and other well -known enterprises.

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