September 30, 2022

3 thoughts on “Friends do the full moon wine, what should I give?

  1. 1. Send a bracelet: The bracelet is not only a jewelry, but it also has the important meaning of "peace and happiness". Children just need to ask for a peaceful peace. The same is true of our Chinese traditions. I like to entrust some things to other things, such as worshiping Buddha. So send a bracelet to the child, his parents will definitely feel comfort.
    2. Give sugar: Generally, you start to slowly try to eat some milk powder or milk for your baby after full moon, so in order to not picky eaters for babies, ordinary parents will add some sugar to milk to improve the taste, so send sugar for sugar, so send sugar to sugar It can be said that it is already a tradition.
    3, sending clothes: If you send clothes, it can be said to be the most common and most real thing. Because the baby often urinates the bed, he may need to change a few sets of clothes every day, so no more clothes for your baby, not more than a healthy baby to urinate.
    4, crib: Although the baby can't sleep alone for the full moon, but if we need to buy something for the baby, we can only choose the full moon wine at this time. Sometimes the reason for work is isolated for thousands of miles, or there is no time, so send everything that the baby needs.
    5, sending cash: When it comes to getting money, this can only look at your own economic strength. Although it is not practical to send money, but in fact, when the mother is pregnant, the economic source has been disconnected, so as a friend, now it can help a little bit. This is also the reason for the tradition to make money.

  2. According to the different customs, there are many types, and there are also money on the upstairs, but it is also good to send some accessories for children, such as small jewelry in the stone, or the long -life lock price of the silver A good intention. Believe me, when my child is full of moon, I like the silver life of a friend sent by a friend. I like it very much.

  3. Friends do the full moon wine, what should I give?
    You can send some clothes, small jewelry and other objects to his children.
    or directly giving him money to save trouble.

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