Specification for wall attachment of construction elevators

The layout of the construction elevator is based on the construction layout of the project, combined with the specific situation of the site and the requirements of the engineering drawings, determine the location of the double cage elevator. According to the instruction manual of the construction elevator, in order to avoid the conflict between the construction elevator and the scaffolding on the outer wall of the building, the distance between the outer wall and the center of the guide rail should meet the requirements. Here's one man pushing around lift.

Installation of attached wall frame requirements

1, structure construction, for the need of embedded wall parts of the floor, should be embedded in the concrete before pouring embedded parts;

14571820d64d70081c5c295285bb0f232, the rest of the bolt and pin connection, adjust the distance in each direction, and adjust the verticality of the track frame;

3. ​tighten all bolts and slowly start the lift to ensure that the cage and counterweight do not touch the wall frame;

4. The installation of the wall bracket should be carried out at the same time as the installation of the guide frame, and the longitudinal spacing of the wall bracket should not exceed 7.5m;

5. Install two square pipes on the standard section for bolt fastening;

6, each installation attached to the wall frame, should use the theodolite to measure its perpendicular;

7, the construction of the elevator attached to the vertical spacing of the wall frame is typically 9 meters. 6 standard sections, free end above attachment not inferior than 2.2m, not higher than 7.5m.

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