Wigs are bad for your hair and easy to see through?

Myth 1: Wigs are only for the front
In most people's eyes, hair loss seems to be from front to back, but it can occur anywhere on the head, including the top of the head, the front of the head, the back of the head, and so on.​

​Thus the function of hair pieces is also diverse, not limited to the front of the head can be worn, other parts of the hair loss can also be covered, which is why wigs have different basic size reasons.​

However, for those who have lost hair all over their head, a larger bottom size wig may be needed, or even a full-length cover may be the only option.​

Misunderstanding two: wig wearing method is single
The way to wear wigs is something that many people have doubts about.​

For women, wigs are worn with clips, while men's wigs are glued directly to the scalp.​

These two methods are absolutely universal and do not discriminate between men and women.​

Some people have sensitive scalps and cannot use clamps or adhesive water, so another method can be used.​

In addition, there is a fishing line wearing method, that is, a convenient fishing line is set in the wig, simply put on the fishing line can be fixed, without any clamps and glue.​

7a4279e4b15bd16dfa58bf888d210650Myth 3: Wigs are bad for your hair
There are a lot of rumors that wigs are bad for your hair, but this is a lot of scaremongering. Wigs do not do any harm to your hair. They neither damage your hair nor stop it from growing.​

If it was, it wouldn't have developed over the years.​

In fact, wigs are only used to help cover the area of thinning hair. If hair loss is caused by using a wig, it is likely due to improper use, or the size of the wig is too tiny for the area of hair loss.​

Myth 4: Wigs are expensive
While wigs are lovely to wear, many people are put off by the price.​

In fact, different materials and different areas of wigs determine the price, and not all wigs are extremely expensive.​

Synthetic hair, in particular, is extremely affordable, and the price of smaller wigs is not particularly high.​

Myth 5: Wigs are easy to spot
The idea that wigs look fake and are easy to spot when you put them on is not accurate.​

This may have been true of wigs a few decades ago, but today wigs are so advanced in design that they look so natural on them that nearly no one can tell they are wigs.​

Over time, you get so used to it that you forget you're wearing a wig.​

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