Can inorganic fiber spray paint above?

The application of paint is reflected in every aspect of our life, but it is not all things that can be used, but is a large range of applications, so inorganic fiber spraying above can do paint? Here's the answer from a powder coating powder manufacturer.

Inorganic fiber spray coating can be done above, inorganic fiber spraying decoration design facing key for villa in the basement room, computer room, parking site casting engineering construction inorganic fiber spray coating the surface of the solution, also can already consign is used inorganic fiber coating insulating layer to carry out the repair, renovation, can basis to choose suitable for tonal, It has stronger practical effect of decoration design.

Inorganic fiber spraying is a new building material coating. The key is composed of inorganic fiber and oil-based adhesive, After mixing according to the air pressure pump spraying, and atomizing water spray into the plate must be maintained to produce coating.

The coating can meet the requirements of sound insulation, heat insulation and fire safety maintenance.


The raw material is light, non-toxic and odorless, sound absorption, good aging resistance, high efficiency heat insulation, fire protection reliable, can complete 5h above the high fire grade maintenance.

It is applicable to the fire safety maintenance of housing construction and tunnel construction, especially the fire safety maintenance of steel frame structure of high-rise residential buildings with higher fire resistance levels. It is also applicable to the heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation of housing buildings and the heat insulation, environmental protection and energy saving of industrial equipment.

Inorganic fiber spray can actually be used for many years and will have a very good adhesive force (not easy to fall off).

Before spraying inorganic fiber, should pay attention to the following several aspects to install before spraying pipe, air duct, etc., to prevent spray finishing on punch, heat insulation, sound-absorbing layer after spraying should be paid to the natural ventilation and natural environment of dry mania, according to different thick dry, dry solid 24 - three days after you begin the other processes, such as decorative design also need to maintain the natural environment in the area of spray cleaning, To prevent dust environment from polluting the surface of finished products spraying layer, spraying actual operation staff should wear dust mask, high work should wear protective equipment such as safety belt.

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